ii. FAQs??

  1. What's with all these FAQs?
    People wrote them.

  2. What FAQs were they putting up?

    The Official FAQ now resides at http://www.sfdebris.com/faq.html and contains some of the more frequently asked questions, rules and other important bits. Read it or DIE!

    The Newbie FAQ - See above.

    The ASVS Rules and Regulations used to be the official FAQ, but was voted out of that position in favor of Chuck Sonnenburg's Newbie FAQ. It currently resides under the control of Kynes at http://asvs.org. Read it too or DIE!

    The Timothy Jones FAQ was created as an answer to the lies and idiocy of the troll known as Timothy Jones. Lurked on Aron's page under the guise of a php3 file until uncovered recently.

    The Elim Garak FAQ was created for similar reasons as the TJFAQ, but disappeared soon after its genesis and will likely reside in limbo for the duration of eternity. In other words, it probably won't see the light of a computer screen ever again.

    The Kynes FAQ was a creation by local flamebait Deimos Anomaly. It had a life of about one week.

    The Anti-FAQ FAQ was created as an answer to just about every other FAQ out there and is the basis of this document. It was written by Matt Seifert (aka Webber McGravin), who perhaps sees more clearly than the rest of us ever did.

    Strowbridge's FAQ is the unofficial mirror version of the ASVS Rules and Regulations. Where you can also see Jennifer Love Hewitt naked.

    The Spacebattles FAQ was another creation by local flamebait Deimos Anomaly, designed to denounce the "SpaceBattles.com" web forums as a freedom-suppressed police state and igniting more than a few flamewars. Recently updated.

    The ASVS FUQ is the document you are reading right now, borne out as a guide to the off-topic in the aftermath of one of the greatest conflagrations ever seen. This document has grown by leaps, bounds and megabytes since it's conception in February 2000 and eventual birth in May of the same year.

  3. Why should I care?
    Because if you don't, we'll tear you a new one, fucker! Read the God-damn FAQ!!!

  4. Christ, since you put it that way...
    Good, I thought so. Asshole.