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"What exactly do you guys do anyway?"

Legends and Lore from the Two Saddest Groups on the Internet

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  4. Sad Git of the Month Awards 
  5. Official ASVS Titles 
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  7. Senseless Survey
  8. An Outdated FUQ for ASVS
  1. The ASVS Drinking Game
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  5. The Outdated Locator
  6. The No-Shit List
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  8. ASVS: The RPG!
  • An Online Tribute to Cronan S. Thompson
    I think Cronan's greatest achievement is ASVS. He entered this newsgroup and, through no real effort on his part, made it his own. ASVS retains his "spit in the eye of the dragon" philosophy and deep love of wit long after the man himself has left. Few so young leave a legacy like that.
  • --Chuck Sonnenburg
    This site is dedicated to the memory of John Healey, who passed away in November of 2003. He was our friend and our brother.