1. Huh?
    1. What the FUQ?
    2. What does FUQ stand for?
    3. What's ASVS?
    4. Who the hell are you?!
    5. What the FUQ is this FUQ for?
    6. Your FUQ is biased. Change it!
    7. Are you mad at me?

  2. FAQs??
    1. What's with all these FAQs?
    2. What FAQs were they putting up?
    3. Why should I care?
    4. Christ, since you put it that way...

  3. Who are these people?!
    1. What's with these guys?
    2. You know, those guys. Who is Timothy Jones?
    3. Almost all?
    4. Anyone else I should be wary of?
    5. What does the "C.S." in "C.S.Strowbridge" stand for?
    6. Who is this Dalton guy, and why does he post so much?
    7. Is there anywhere where I can get a list of the current denizens?
    8. What the hell is SpaceBattles?
    9. What's with this LT.Hit-Man idiot?
    10. Naahmah Asks: Is it just me, or do most of the people at ASVS have a little *cough* bit of an emotional/mental/anger problem?
    11. Bob Healey Asks: Why are there so many dirty jokes on ASVS? And what's with this Raven person? He/She/It seems to be the center of most of them.
    12. Doomriser Asks: Why doesn't ASVS, as a collective body, have it's own E-mail address. As in ASVS@Hotmail.com for example?

  4. OK, enough of these ridiculous on-topic questions. What do you do for fun?
    1. What kind of music do you people listen to?
    2. Which of the summer blockbusters do you think will bomb?
    3. If you could only read books by one author, who would it be?
    4. What TV shows do you try and never miss?
    5. What TV shows do you hate so much you think the creators should be sterilized so they can't pass their genes on to future generations?
    6. Do you guys drink a lot?

  5. I'm looking for some sweet lovin'.
    1. Will you marry me?
    2. Will you divorce me?
    3. Who WILL marry me? And possibly divorce me later?
    4. Hey, this Thelea chick seems like my type!
    5. So how about Naahmah...

  6. No sweet lovin' from you nerds, I see. Very well, I want some geography here.
    1. Where are all you idiots from?
    2. Which country sucks the most?
    3. Who are the engles?
    4. Any of those lovely Irish folks around?

  7. OK, enough of that stupid crap. Now, about fanfics...
    1. What the FUQ is a fanfic?!
    2. Fanfic characters sure share a lot of names with denizens...
    3. Can I be in a fanfic?
    4. Can I write a fanfic?
    5. Who are the best authors?
    6. Which fanfics are the best?
    7. Which fanfics are the worst?
    8. Which fanfics should I read first?
    9. Who are the Cleaners?
    10. Why is Rob Dalton pissed at Sean Collins?
    11. What are fanfic reviews?

  8. Any cool clubs here I can join up with?
    1. What is the Lump Club?
    2. Who are the Cleaners?
    3. And what if I want to join the Troll Club?

EOF...for now.