i. Huh?

  1. What the FUQ?

  2. What does FUQ stand for?
    It stands for "Frequently Unasked Questions" or "Fucked Up Queries," or even "Frequently Unanswered Questions." It all depends on who you ask and how much crack they've smoked today.

  3. What's ASVS?
    A newsgroup.

  4. Who the hell are you?!
    Hi! I'm Rob Dalton, ASVS regular and multiple winner of the Sad Git of the Month Award. I maintain both this document (The FUQ) as well as the Fanfic Archive, which should give you some indication of my social life.

  5. What the FUQ is this FUQ for?
    It's the place for all your off-topic needs. ASVS has a lot besides fanfic that doesn't fit into the Great Debate, and all that random flotsam is collected here. You'll find all that kind of stuff in the Features section on the main page.

  6. Your FUQ is biased. Change it!

  7. Are you mad at me?
    Of course not. Why would I be mad at you?

    Stupid git.