vi. No sweet lovin' from you nerds, I see. Very well, I want some geography here.

  1. Where are all you idiots from?
    Most of us hail from either the USA, Canada or the UK, with a few folks from down under, specifically Australia and New Zealand, with a smattering of people in Europe, South America and Africa. For a general rundown go here.

  2. Which country sucks the most?
    If you're from England, it's Scotland. If you're from Scotland (or sometimes Ireland), it's England. If you're from anywhere else, it's France and Québec (they're practically one nation).

  3. Who are the engles?
    The greatest sensation out of Liverpool since the Beatles. An engle is anyone from England. Allegedly, the term was coined by our resident manky scotch git, Baron Kenneth von Lowe. Of course, only about 1% of the NG actually believes him.

  4. Any of those lovely Irish folks around?
    Of course. Among the Irish in the newsgroup are me, John Hamill, Svetlanna, Kynes and Boyd. Call us lovely again and we'll rip your fucking throat out.