What's New - 2002


 4 December 2002 - TGOD update - update by Crayz9000 @ 2:23 EST
- OK, just a quick update to add a couple of missed TGODs:

Winter STGOD 2001 - the beginning of the end of STGOD Mark 1

Summer STGOD 2002 The events leading up to the restart of the STGOD universe...

And one update to Multimedia; because of inaccuracies in the old Star Wars vs Star Trek Ship Comparison Charts, v.2, I redid them from scratch and used direct pixel scaling to determine sizes.

 30 November 2002 - GSDA 2002 Nominations - update by Dalton @ 16:50 EST
- Well, the nominations have started! We'll have the same categories as last year with several exceptions:

*No Lifetime Achievement Award
*No "Best Killing of TOWNMNBS" Category
*Added a Best Duel category
*Added a special "Newcomers" category - this one is different

This is how the noms will work:
I will post a link to a form. The form will have each category with one field underneath it. In that field, you will write the name of the fanfic you wish to win the award. Please be aware that if you don't put a valid email address on the form (the field will be provided) the nomination will not count. The "Newcomer" category will be a text field; please type in the names and/or authors of all the people NEW to the archive (not just new stories from old authors!). When you submit them, the form will go to Chuck, who will tabulate the results and help me make the voting form.

A new addition this year is that your award will be personalized this year! You can choose to personalize either the GSDA SSD trophy or the Award plaque (these are IMAGES not actual objects).

Send in your nominations!

Don't forget that we're also accepting fanfics from SD.net's Fanfic Forum.

 24 November 2002 - Archive Update and GSDA stuff - update by Dalton @ 0:08 EST
- Well, first of all...the GSDAs are delayed for a few days to allow people to catch up with current fics and to give us time to set up. I'll inform you what the new date is later on. For now, we have an Archive update...here we go...

--> In Crossover Fanfics: Two new chapters of Clash of the Titans from Paul Cassidy; Chapter 19 of Greg Burnett's Hero of the Republic; Aron Kerkhof posts a new chapter of Part Imperfect in record time; Stravo's StarCrossed is very close to breaking a meg with four explosive new chapters.

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: Chuck Sonnenburg completes Act I and starts up Act II of his increasingly bewildering masterpiece Paradise Lost; Chapter 10 of John Hansen's work A Prelude to War.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: Durandal rewrites and renames his story True Slayer, presenting three chapters called Whispers of the Sith; More Welcome to Liberty City madness from RayCav; More of WeeMadAndo's original work Dark Dawns; Another chapter of Phoenix Company from Sheppard; More Suicide Squad fun from Pablo Sanchez; a new story from SD.netter Verilon called Ceremonies.

--> In MiSTings: Chuck rips apart another scam.

--> In Humor: Whole bunch of new shit. Figure it out yourself :)

That's it for now. Later.

 20 November 2002 - Next Update and GSDA - update by Dalton @ 0:52 EST
- Good evening, folks. The next Archive update will be quite soon, sometime before Friday, which is when nominations for the GSDA 2002 will start. Details are forthcoming.

 27 October 2002 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 0:41 EDT
- Good stuff here tonight.

--> First off in Essays: Mark Berger's analysis of Federation Economics.

--> In LT.Hit-Man Fanfics: Chapter 3 of The Life of Hit-Man and the first part of LT.Hit-Man's Journal: Phoenix Company.

--> In Crossover Fanfics: One last(?) chapter of The Prize from Doomriser, who apparently decided to disappear from the net; a surprise update from Aron Kerkhof, who updates his Alternate Universe/Crossover story Past Imperfect to Chapter 7; two more gore-laden chapters of MKSheppard's The Division; Stravo updates StarCrossed to Chapter 27, and it's shaping up to be one hell of a story (THE FEDERATION LIVES).

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: Things have taken a dark turn in chapter 18 of Chuck Sonnenburg's Paradise Lost; more goodness from Ensign Jimmy in the form of Outbound Flight chapter 5.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: another chapter of Pablo Sanchez's kickass fic Suicide Squad; another original, amazing piece from Chuck called Deathwalkers; Colin Brian Witz has started posting a revised version of his story Wages of Wrath.

--> In Fanfic Challenges: A new Halloween challenge, with the first story from Sheppard and Falkenhorst called The Ship.

--> In Humor: Domination chapter 49 from The Baron and WeeMadAndo takes his crossover a little farther in WTF Fanfics; John Hansen presents two new pieces in the form of an Ubiqtorate Imperial Loyalty Test and DarkStar: Black Knight of Trekkies.

--> And finally tonight, LT.Hit-Man surprises everyone with the first part of his tenth fanfic review in Fanfic Reviews.

That's it for tonight. Later.

 26 October 2002 - Next Update: Tonight! - update by Dalton @ 13:31 EDT
- And boy are you guys in for a treat. More of the really good stuff (specifically Paradise Lost and StarCrossed), plus a couple of surprise updates from a pair of long-dormant denizens (sorry, no Mike January today :( ) and your regular crop of quality 'fic.

 2 October 2002 - Archive Update! - update by Dalton @ 20:19 EDT
- Whole new buckets of fun. Sorry for the delay...but I'm a demi-god at my school and everyone's begging me to work on their show while I produce my own (eep). Anyway, on to the updates, which includes entries from the StarDestroyer.net Forums.

--> In Crossover Fanfics: Chapters 28 and 29 of Clash of the Titans from Paul Cassidy; Chapter 5 of SirNitram's The Last Hero; Division makes a comeback with two action-packed chapters from local loony MKSheppard; Sothis from StarDestroyer.net enters the fray with the first two chapters of Before the Storm; Five or six unbelievable new chapters of Stravo's StarCrossed.

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: One more mindblowing chapter of Chuck's Paradise Lost.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: More from Liberty City thanks to the ever-eager RayCav; RayCav posts a new, original, one-off Sob Story.

--> In Fanfic Challenges: More Pirate's Endeavor from RayCav.

--> In Humor: Straha from SD.net posts a God Questionnaire guaranteed to offend in Miscellaneous Humor; Setzer filks two more songs here and here. More stuff in WTF Fanfics, including a joke in rather bad taste from Baron Lowe in the form of Domination Chapter 48; Spyder starts up Act 2 of 3rd Ground Kings; another messed-up story from me called Imperial Supermarket; some dementedness from CaptainSheridan called Doctor's Rampage. In Culture we have The Creation - SDV from Evil Sadistic Bastard; CaptainSheridan forges the start of an epic called The Great Troll War.

And finally, Wayne Poe posted this bit of fun on StarDestroyer.net. That's it for now, have a good night.

 1 October 2002 - Next Update?!? - update by Dalton @ 1:38 EDT
- OK, sorry for the extended period of absence...I've been insanely busy. But I promise you that I'll update the Archive this weekend or earlier!

 10 September 2002 - Michael January - update by Dalton @ 22:46 EDT
- Well, according to an email Doomriser received, Michael January is alive and well in Johannesburg, South Africa. You can see it here if you have USENET access: here or enter this MessageID into Google: 3d7e4004_2@news.cybersurf.net

Cool, huh?

 29 August 2002 - Yet Another Miniupdate - update by Dalton @ 14:22 EDT
- Probably the last one until the next full update...Chapter 15 of StarCrossed from Stravo, only because this chapter is so mind-blowing and ends with some nice cliffhangers.

 26 August 2002 - Another mini-update - update by Dalton @ 2:05 EDT
- Chapter 14 of StarCrossed from Stravo.

 25 August 2002 - Mini-update - update by Dalton @ 19:48 EDT
- One update today...chapter 16 of Paradise Lost from Chuck in Story Arc/Series.

 24 August 2002 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 0:09 EDT
- Time for some more of that addictive drug known as 'fic.

--> In Crossover Fanfics: Chapter 27 of Clash of the Titans from 'net author at large Paul Cassidy; two more chapters of Stravo's StarCrossed.

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: Chapter 15 of Chuck Sonnenburg's latest epic Paradise Lost; a new chapter of Crayz9000's Intergalactic Alliance.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: Chapter 11 of RayCav's Hit-Man hit Welcome to Liberty City; Another chapter of WeeMadAndo's Dark Dawns, which is missing chapter 6 at the moment; Colin Witz finishes off his story Death Dancer.

--> In Fanfic Challenges: Although I normally wouldn't berate a fanfic in such a manner, the story Portal by Graham Kennedy is so atrociously bad in so many ways that you can't not make fun of it. This latest challenge does so, with entries from Doomriser, Pablo Sanchez and RayCav. Who wins? That will be something to decide next update. The previous challenge is currently in limbo since the stories are not yet finished.

--> In Humor: Adjective Army underground leader The Unknown James posted a very funny USENET FAQ in Miscellaneous Humor; Setzer does a Wong Song based on the song "Komm Suesser Todd" from End of Evangelion (for all you otaku out there) in Songs; WeeMadAndo takes A Crossover Too Far a little farther and RayCav shoots off a Random Fanfic #1 in WTF Fanfics; WeeMadAndo mixes Greek myth with ASVS psychotic rambling in Clash of the Titanic Morons in ASVS Culture; Chuck uncovers a secret plot by the Discovery Channel to "incapacitate" some of our "favorite" actors.

That's it for now. Chapter 6 of Dark Dawns once Ando gets it to me. Oh, as my homeys in the 'hood put it: mad props to Crayz9000 and Honoldea, yo. Whitey signing out.

 19 August 2002 - Index page update and mirror news - update by Crayz9000 @ 12:25 EDT
- With Dalton's approval, I have uploaded the new index pages.

Also, due to a configuration problem with Apache, I've accidentally taken the ASVS-AA Mirror 2 offline. I am currently working on unblocking the ports, but it may take a while to correct.

 11 August 2002 - Mini Update - update by Dalton @ 19:28 EDT
- New stuff posted right after the last update...

--> In Crossover Fanfics: Four new chapters of StarCrossed from Stravo.

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: Chapter 14 of Chuck's Paradise Lost.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: A new chapter of Liberty City from RayCav; a new, long-awaited chapter of Pablo Sanchez's Suicide Squad; a brand new original, and creepy, story from Chuck Sonnenburg called The Relic.



 3 August 2002 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 4:57 EDT
- Sorry for the month-long delay. I got a job at a local news station and training has left me with very little free time, and the weekends have been fairly busy as well.

Here we go!

--> In Crossover Fanfics: More chapters of Clash of the Titans from Paul Cassidy; a new story from MKSheppard called The Division; Chapter 2 of Fall From Grace by Colin Brian Witz; and chapters 1-7 of a new, and widely acclaimed, story by newcomer Stravo called StarCrossed.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: Several new chapters of Welcome to Liberty City from RayCav; Chapter 6 of WeeMadAndo's Dark Dawns.

--> In Fanfic Challenges: New chapters of RayCav's stories Pirate's Endeavor and Fights of Fancy.

--> In Humor: A new chapter of TK421 from WeeMadAndo in WTF Fanfics; more of TEH FUNY (thanks Iceberg) from RayCav in Spoofs and ASVS Culture; Chuck talks about a town in Wisconsin.

Not much variety, but plenty of content. Enjoy.

 14 July 2002 - New Story... - update by Dalton @ 19:38 EDT
- A fan of the Archive asked if he could have his story posted here, and I obliged...it's a bit rough, but give it a shot. Tests of Empires in Miscellaneous Fanfics, by Emmanuel Caramat.

 9 July 2002 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 0:37 EDT
- A lot to update tonight. Hope you all enjoy it.

--> In Marina O'Leary Fanfics: Chapter 7 of De Imperatoribus Galacticis.

--> In LT.Hit-Man Fanfics: Chapters 1-6 of a markedly different story from the good LT called Heavy Metal.

--> In IP/BA: LT.Hit-Man presents a new journal entry for Imperial Phoenix called First Blood.

--> In Crossover Fanfics: Chapters 21-24 of Clash of the Titans from Paul Cassidy; chapter 11 of Doomriser's The Prize; A new story from Colin Brian Witz called Fall From Grace.

--> In Story Arc/Series Fanfics: Six or seven new chapters of Paradise Lost from Chuck, with an entire fucking *cadre* of surprises in store.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: A new story from Cmdrwilkens called Soldier of the Republic; our first Star Wars(ish)/Grand Theft Auto crossover from RayCav called Welcome to Liberty City.

--> In Fanfic Challenges: A new challenge from Colin Brian Witz: write a story about economic warfare, i.e. piracy. There are four entries: Voyage of the Jolly Roger by Col. Falkenhorst; Scylla and Charybdis by Colin Brian Witz; Pirate's Endeavor by RayCav (his first true fanfic attempt, and a good one at that); and another one from RayCav called Fights of Fancy.

--> In Humor: RayCav excersizes his sense of humor with After the Odyssey and Durandal creates an ASVS Dating Survey in Miscellaneous Humor; More Federation Central News Agency madness from Iceberg in Humor Series; RayCav explains away character inconsistencies in Spoofs; Chuck reviews June 2002's Summer Blockbusters in Chuck's Corner.

--> In IST3K/RST3K/MiSTings: Ensign Jimmy brings back the good ol' boys for Redneck Science Theater 2K +2.

And that's all she said. If you'll excuse me I have to try and get up now. Probably more in the next few days; keep an eye out.

 18 June 2002 - Yet Another Update - update by Dalton @ 0:52 EDT
- OK folks, this is the last micro-update I plan on doing for this round, and it's only being done because there are a couple of surprises in store...

--> In Crossover Fanfics: Some of our older readers may be familiar with Paul Cassidy and his fic Clash of the Titans. Well, tonight he posted straight out of the blue with Chapter 20 of that story, one of the few really good fics that's got a Pro-Trek slant.

--> In WTF?: Spyda posted Chapter 10 and 11 of 3rd Ground Kings, and declared the end of Act 1 to his story with a HUGE shock for you Voyager fans out there. I'll leave it up to you to find out what it is. Also, The Baron has taken pity upon us mortals and released chapter 47 of Domination! He's got more planned, so rejoice!

 16 June 2002 - Another Update - update by Dalton @ 21:36 EDT
- Chapter 7 of Chuck's Paradise Lost. Enjoy! I know I will.

 16 June 2002 - More Updates - update by Dalton @ 20:51 EDT
- OK, two new additions in Miscellaneous Humor: Chapter 5 of Colin Witz's Death Dancer; Big Steve's sequel to his story Darkness Ascending, called Dark Crossroad: The Coming Darkness (dark enough for ya?).

In other news, the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is now starring in a feature film. Gather round your loved ones and weep for humanity.

 14 June 2002 - Multimedia Update - update by Dalton @ 23:28 EDT
- Added a bunch of ship scale comparisons to Multimedia. Fanfic updates tomorrow.

 13 June 2002 - Archive Update! - update by Dalton @ 18:00 EDT
- Not as much as I had hoped for, but it DOES mean less work for me :) Here's what we got today...

In LT.Hit-Man Fanfics: Another revenge piece from everybody's favorite Crazy Sith called Cooking With Gas.

In IP/BA: Chapter 8a of Imperial Phoenix; MKSheppard REALLY hates Mike Stackpole.

In Crossover Fanfics: Section renamed; Chapter 4 of SirNitram's The Last Hero; Domination and 3rd Ground Kings removed to the new section.

In Story Arc/Series Fanfics: Chapter 6 of Chuck Sonnenburg's Paradise Lost.

In Miscellaneous Fanfics: Chapters 4 and 5 of Dark Dawns plus a timeline from WeeMadAndo; also, a superb four-part Star Wars/Chrono Trigger/FF4/FF7 crossover fanfic from Big Steve called Darkness Ascending.

In Humor: Beeblebear exposes the key formula for writing Star Wars books; Iceberg provides more FCNA silliness; Chuck takes a first look at the Summer 2002 Blockbusters; a new section entitled What the Fuck?, which now contains such famed pieces of lunacy as Domination, eight new chapters of 3rd Ground Kings, and two new stories from WeeMadAndo: A Crossover Too Far and TK421.

Finally, I moved Redneck Science Theater to a more appropriate place. That's it for tonight, expect two or three sporadic updates in the next couple of days.

 10 June 2002 - The Next Update - update by Dalton @ 3:36 EDT
- I'm prepping for an update, due very soon. There's quite a bit in store for everyone; a few authors have been very busy, and carpal tunnel syndrome is just on the horizon for one or two of them.

It is partially because of one of the aforementioned prolific authors that I'm going to be creating a new subsection (or renaming one), most likely on the Humor Series page, but possibly on the main ST/SW Crossover (which is getting renamed...again) page. It will most likely be called something akin to "WTF Fanfics". Put simply, stories such as "Domination", "Dexter's Empire", "Otherspace" and "3rd Ground Kings" will go in there, as well as some other things.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to email me!

 27 May 2002 - Yet Another Update - update by Dalton @ 2:45 EDT
- Well, I was preparing to get up to date myself on several fanfics, starting with Imperial Phoenix, when I noticed it seemed to be missing a part, specifically Chapter 4d. This has since been corrected thanks to Google Groups' archives, and eliminates a confusing discontinuity I'm sure you all noticed.

 26 May 2002 - Another Update - update by Dalton @ 1:40 EDT
- Added the second part of WeeMadAndo's Scooby Doo spoof.

 25 May 2002 - More Updates - update by Dalton @ 4:26 EDT
- And my predictions ring true:

--> In IP/BA: Minor update...Sheppard posted a primer for IP8, which includes information on his changes to ST Canon for the purposes of IP. Read it here.

--> In ST/SW Fanfics: Chapter 10 of The Prize by Doomriser.

--> In Humor: Dug up two more stories from Chuck when I was doing some searching on Google. Also, fixed formatting on Summer 2001 movie review piece.

That's all for now.

 24 May 2002 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 2:07 EDT
- Some surprises in store for y'all...

--> In Marina O'Leary Fanfics: A new chapter of De Imperatoribus Galacticis from, well, Marina O'Leary.

--> In Imperial Phoenix/Battleground Alpha: Well, apparently, Sheppard is trying to turn over a new leaf; after making a public apology for some ugly events that are best left unsaid here, there was great demand for more Imperial Phoenix, so here is Chapter 7.

--> In Major Fanfics: Another chapter of The Prize from Doomriser; More of The Last Hero from SirNitram; A new story/challenge from Spyda/Spyder called 3rd Ground Kings.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: Colin Brian Witz resurrects chapter 3 of Forlorn Hope from Google.

--> In Humor: Four new pieces, including a new song parody by Chuck and more from the Federation Central News Agency, courtesy of Mark Berger. Also, check out the latest Scooby Doo parody by WeeMadAndo, plus a megalomaniacal piece from Great Old One Celes Knight called Life Under My Rule.

--> In IST3K/RST3K/MiSTings: Chuck takes on the frothing Trekkie Natasha Bell.

In other news: expect more stuff from me soon, as school is over for the Spring and I have copious free time at the moment.

That's it for now. Updates to continue sporadically once people realize there's been an Archive update and post more fic :)

 20 May 2002 - Next Update? - update by Dalton @ 2:01 EDT
- Coming soon, I promise. Probably within the next week. Not much to update, however, but I'm sure that'll change soon.

 22 April 2002 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 0:23 EDT
- Again I must apologize for the lengthy delay; life has been raping me with an iron spike. Here we go:

--> In Standalone ST/SW Fanfics: Chapter 2 of Return of the Empire by Ted Archbold; Doomriser has, in the past month, posted a prologue and nine chapters of The Prize by Doomriser; a new story by Sir Nitram called The Last Hero.

--> In Story Arc/Series Fanfics: Chapters 4 and 5 of Chuck Sonnenburg's epic story Paradise Lost; A couple of new chapters and an updated title image for Intergalactic Alliance: A Prelude to War from Crayz9000.

Plus, new updates in every category of Humor. Enjoy.

 26 March 2002 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 0:44 EST
- Sorry for the delay, but I've been busy.

--> In Marina O'Leary Fanfics: Chapters 3-5 of De Imperatoribus Galacticis.

--> In Standalone ST/SW Fanfics: Cmdrwilkens posts Chapter 18 of Hero of the Republic; Baron Kenneth von Lowe is back with Chapter 46 of Domination!

--> In Story Arc/Series Fanfics: Chuck posted Chapter 3 of Paradise Lost; Ensign Jimmy continues his series with chapters 1-4 of Outbound Flight.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: A new piece of material from Jonathan Boyd called Red Skies; WeeMadAndo's original story Dark Dawns is up to chapter 3; Colin Brian Wits posts chapter 4 of Death Dancer.

--> In Humor: Two new Songs; another installment of Dexter's Empire 2 by Crayz9000 in Humor Series; a new ASVS Culture piece; an old spoof that Crayz dug up in Spoofs; more insanity from Chuck.

--> In TGODs: Two new short pieces that Crayz compiled.

--> In IST3K/RST3K/MiSTings: Another installment of Rebel Science Theater 3000 from Crayz9000; Chuck selects a new victim for a MiSTing.

That's it for tonight.


 13 March 2002 - Poll Results - update by Dalton @ 12:52 EST
- Sorry for the long delay, folks...I've been working on like fifteen thousand shows a week and have since discovered the phenomenon known as "negative spare time". Anyway, I just wanted to give you a summary of the results...whether you like it or not, muhahaha. Anyway...

You all love me.

Out of 24 answers, the average satisfaction rating was 4.5. Almost all respondents visit the Archive at least three times a month, and most of the respondents were fine with the changes or didn't care. But on the flipside, damn near all of you (88%, or 21 out of 24 respondents) want the Archive updated more frequently (sorry folks, dunno bout that).

In case you were wondering, a little more than half of the respondents found the Archive through a link page. And all respondents said I could have a cookie. I'll be collecting your generous cookie donations shortly.

Anyway, there's a lot in store next update, including more from Ensign Jimmy and Marina O'Leary.

 23 February 2002 - Poll - update by Dalton @ 22:22 EST
- The poll is over. Thanks for voting. I'll post the results soon.

 18 February 2002 - ASVS-AA Update - update by Dalton @ 20:45 EST
- Good evening. Just a quick update here to announce that Crayz9000 has updated the ASVS-AA mirror archive. His update included several STGODS I missed as well as some interesting pictures, so I added them here as well.

I'd also like to take the time to congratulate and thank Crayz for his fine work, especially regarding the STGOD. The Mirror Archive contains quite a bit more information on those than I could have ever done myself, and I may incorporate those sections into the Archive pending his approval.

Also, the poll is going well. I'm happy to see so many responses, and thank you all for the support and pats-on-the-back. The poll should end this Friday.

 15 February 2002 - Small Update - update by Dalton @ 15:16 EST
- I did a bad thing recently folks...I let personal feelings interfere with the Archive. Thus, a fanfic wasn't updated when it should have been. The fanfic in question is, of course, Imperial Phoenix. Believe it or not, Sheppard sent me on a slight guilt trip, so I reneged. IP is up to chapter 6 in IP/BA.

In other news...I forgot to add a new fic I'm working on called Lonely God. It's in Standalone ST/SW Fanfics.

Also, take the latest poll! Let me know what you think of the Archive so I can better serve you.

Just a small note for all of you before I go...I update the Author Index almost every time I update the Archive. Today I renovated it a bit to clean out old information. You can check that out to see what your favorite authors are up to at a glance. Related to this is a bit of good news...Michael January has been spotted frequenting Spacebattles.com of late (Thanks to Sergei Simonov for that bit of information), and has emailed me recently to boot. Could more MikeJ fanfic be on the horizon?

 6 February 2002 - Facelift and Story Update - update by Dalton @ 14:06 EST
- Good afternoon folks, just finished tweaking the Archive a bit. Here's a quick list of changes...

--> Ensign Jimmy finished his story, putting out chapters 14 and 15 of Strange Destinies in near-record time; since he announced a continuation to his story, it's been moved to the renamed Story Arc/Series Fanfics section. The sequel is called "Outbound Flight".

--> Also in Story Arc/Series Fanfics, you might have noticed that Webber McGravin has been removed since he's totally inactive on ASVS. The first part of his arc, Prelude, has been moved to Finished Fanfics in the renamed Standalone ST/SW Fanfics. His continuation Ante Magnum Bellum, of which only one chapter has been written, has been moved to Fanfic Pilots.

--> I've cleaned up the navigation a bit on both the drop-down menu and the text-only HTML version. They should match each other for the most part.

--> You might have noticed something missing from the above; I've removed the Polls section, which had only two entries. One of them, The Badass vs. the Klingon, has been moved to the Miscellaneous Humor section. The other one, Where Do These Guys Live?! has been moved to a more appropriate location: the FUQ.

Those are all the changes I can remember at the moment. One other note...I've noticed that the names of files saved on my home machine tend to show up as all caps on my work machine. Let me know if you get a 404; that's probably the problem.

 3 February 2002 - Fast Updates - update by Dalton @ 2:23 EST
- Since there was a fanfic added to rapidly shortly after the last archive update, I'm just doing a quickie.

--> In ST/SW Fanfics: Three more chapters of the impeccable Strange Destinies from Ensign Jimmy.

--> In Humor: A new song, Y-O-D-A, the inevitable parody of YMCA written by Chuck Sonnenburg.

Also, Links have been updated again.

 31 January 2002 - Story Update - update by Dalton @ 17:37 EST
- As promised to Marina O'Leary, chapters two and three have been added to De Imperatoribus Galacticis. This entry has been corrected twice since I'm a doofus.

 26 January 2002 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 1:24 EST
- Here we go, another update.

--> In Marina O'Leary Fanfics: Marina posts the sequel to The Long Patrol entitled De Imperatoribus Galacticis (RTF format).

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: Chuck Sonnenburg presents Chapter 2 of Paradise Lost; Yours Truly finally revamps and finishes Chapter 8 of Honor Bound.

--> In ST/SW Fanfics: Cmdrwilkens adds Chapter 17 to Hero of the Republic; Chapter 10 of Ensign Jimmy's exceptional fanfic Strange Destinies; Kynes (gasp) actually starts a new fanfic titled Imperial Sonata.

--> In Humor: Three new additions from Chuck.

--> Finally, in Multimedia: Wayne Poe posted a link to a .wav file, created from a 25 year old tape, where his father comments on Star Trek.

Just a formatting note; as a service to the readers, I've marked fanfics that have won GSDAs and how many they've won, in either the Rating or Title column. Also, there will be a poll coming up soon regarding your satisfaction with the Archive. Good night.

 13 January 2002 - Humor Update - update by Dalton @ 18:40 EST
- The Humor section was getting a little long, so I split it up into separate sections. Also one little bit of business; I located and added Fed Wars, a humor piece which mysteriously disappeared from the Archive. It's in Spoofs.

 11 January 2002 - Golden Stardestroyer Fanfic Awards - update by Dalton @ 23:34 EST
- They're up! Enjoy, folks. Special thanks goes out to Chuck Sonnenburg, the truest friend I've ever had.

 11 January 2002 - GSDA - update by Dalton @ 22:07 EST
- GSDAs are going to be late; Chuck is having computer problems and hasn't finished yet. Stay tuned.

 10 January 2002 - Archive Updated! - update by Dalton @ 23:05 EST
- Get ready, lots of stuff...

--> New in Story Arc Fanfics: Chapter 4 of Worlds Without End Redux and Chapter 1 of Paradise Lost from Chuck Sonnenburg; Chapter 6 of Intergalactic Alliance from Crayz9000.

--> In Major ST/SW Fanfics: A new story from Ted Archbold, entitled Return of the Empire; Chapter 6 of Aron Kerkhof's cutting-edge fanfic Past Imperfect.

--> In Humor: A new song parody from Rob Wilson; more Laundry Wars fun from Mark Berger; Chapter 7 of the irrepressible El Boydo: The Man Without Fear! from Kynes; more fun from Chuck.

--> In TGOD: More STGOD History; Tales of the Loremaster from Rob Wilson.

--> In IST3K/RST3K/MiSTings: Crayz9000 presents Season Three of Imperial Science Theater 3000; another MiSTing from Chuck.

Stay tuned for the GSDAs, tomorrow night!

 10 January 2002 - GSDA - update by Dalton @ 19:24 EST
- The voting period will end tomorrow night at 8:00PM CST sharp, folks. Get those ballots in! Right now we have thirty total, and some categories are still far too close to call. Click Here to vote. The results will be simul-posted here, on ASVS and at Sci-Fi Debris at approximately 8:30PM EST, so stay tuned!

In other news, the Archive will be updated in two or three hours, after I get off work.

 5 January 2002 - News and stuff - update by Dalton @ 4:32 EST
- Two things to address at the moment...

1) I boned the original GSDA voting form by accidentally omitting several categories. This has since been fixed, but if you already voted and haven't received an email from Chuck please vote again.

2) Special thanks goes out to Robert Healey who spotted an incomplete copy of RST3K Episode 4. This has been fixed thanks to Google, and I recommend those of you interested read up on both IST3K and RST3K, as Crayz9000 has resurrected this fine comedic art form. Season 3 begins next update.

Good night.

 4 January 2002 - GSDA - update by Dalton @ 21:57 EST
- The GSDAs are ON! Vote here!

 4 January 2002 - News and Quick Update - update by Dalton @ 19:54 EST
- GSDA voting will be starting soon. On another note, an Acrobat PDF version of Conquest by Mike Wong is available here.

 2 January 2002 - GSDA - update by Dalton @ 18:54 EST
- I don't know either. Chuck's been busy lately, and he has all the nominations. I'll let everyone know when voting will begin.

 2 January 2002 - Happy New Year! - update by Dalton @ 18:40 EST
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