What's New - 2001

 14 December 2001 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 3:00 EST
- About time...

--> In IP/BA: Imperial Phoenix, chapter 5.

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: Another chapter of Worlds Without End Redux (Woohoo!) and a preview of an upcoming story, Paradise Lost (Yippee!!); Chapter 8a of Honor Bound by yours truly (finally); More Intergalactic Alliance from Cryaz9000.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: A new story from mister "Paradox" called Dark Nexus; Two new stories from Colin Brian Witz, Forlorn Hope and Hellbound Hitman.

--> In Humor: Chuck's back in the groove!

--> In TGOD: Cmdrwilkens submitted a brief history of the STGOD Multiverse.

You might have noticed that I don't have any "new" or "updated" images anymore; the reason is twofold: one, it's a little less work not doing them, and two, this page is here for a reason. Also, keep an eye out for Maintainer's Picks - stories which I enjoy and keep an eye on and think you might, too.

 10 December 2001 - GSDA - update by Dalton @ 2:32 EST
- I haven't received that many nominations, and due to the pleas of several fanfic readers, I've decided to extend the deadline a week. Get those nominations in! Deadline is now December 15, and if I don't receive at least six more they're cancelled for this year!

 24 November 2001 - What to expect... - update by Dalton @ 0:54 EST
- ...next update:

--> 1 (one) assload of fanfic.

Also, the 2001 GSD Awards are currently underway, and I'm accepting nominations. Rules:

1. Please nominate in the categories delineated here.
2. Limit five nominations per category, please.
3. There is an award not appearing above, and that is Lifetime Achievement Award. This is for a person, not a story.
4. If you have fanfics in the Archive, please try not to nominate them for every category.
5. Email all nominations to me, and put "GSDA Nominations" in the subject.
6. There is no rule 6.
7. No pooftahs.

Get those nominations in! The deadline is two weeks from today (Nov. 24 - Dec. 8).

 4 November 2001 - Archive Update! - update by Dalton @ 23:56 EST
- Finally found a wee bit of time. What's new in the world of Fanfic...

--> In IP/BA...well, the section is back up!

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: Crayz9000 presents the first three chapters of the final draft of IA: A Prologue to War.

--> In Major ST/SW Fanfics: Two more chapters of Cmdrwilkens' Hero of the Republic; A new fanfic from Falkenhorst called The Omega Directive; Chapter 8 of Strange Destinies from Ensign Jimmy; Part 6a of Artoo's Encounter by Allen W. McDonnell; A missing chapter of In the Company of Strangers by Nathan Yates was restored.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: A new, odd story called A New Balance from Sir Nitram; Chuck Sonnenburg puts a nifty and poignant Star Trek spin on the terrorist attacks.

--> In Fanfic Reviews: Doomriser's Third Fanfic Review.

--> In Humor: Two short spoofs: HAL vs Voyager by Pablo Sanchez, and Torpedo Spheres Rampant by Crayz9000 (a spoof on Kaz Shimazaki's infamous Star Destroyers Rampant).

That's it for tonight...almost. Before I go, I give you a present: five new TGODs from Crayz9000!

 1 November 2001 - Where's the Next Update? - update by Dalton @ 10:00 EST
- ...is the question on everyone's mind. I don't know myself. I've been so busy lately. I will update soon, though, no doubt. Not this weekend though, since I turn 21 (woohoo!).

In other news, Sheppard has sunk to a new low (beating up girls), but I'm not going to refuse putting his fanfic back up (to please the readers).

I'm out.

 11 October 2001 - Quick Update - update by Dalton @ 14:43 EDT
- I've just received word that Sheppard wants to have his fics put back up. I'll do so next update, so be sure to look for it along with the latest chapter (from last month or so).

 29 September 2001 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 23:44 EDT
- Update time...I forgot I had promised an old friend to update his story, so here it is with other choice items recently posted.

--> In Major ST/SW Fanfics - Kyle Knopf revamped and updated his story The Long War to Chapter 6; the aforementioned story, Artoo's Encounter by Allen W. McDonnell, was updated to chapter 5d.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics - Another blood-laden chapter of the famous Suicide Squad by Pablo Sanchez, bringing the total to three; Chapters 2 and 3 of Death Dancer from Colin Brian Witz.

--> In Humor - three new one-time pieces; more ASVS Movie Edits; Chapter 2 of Dexter's Empire II from Crayz9000; a new story from a long-dormant Doomriser, called The Adventures of Captain Fanboy.

That's it for now. I know, a little thin, but more soon I hope.

 18 September 2001 - Just Some News - update by Dalton @ 19:32 EDT
- Well, it's been a whole week since the...incident and things are starting to return to a sense of normalcy. The newsgroup has been through a deluge of threads related to the attack and a potentially massive flamewar instigated by MKSheppard has been squalled before it could erupt too much, so naturally there hasn't been much in the way of fanfic. I'm sure that'll change soon enough.

Anyway, you've probably noticed the very large PNG picture on the main page - that's a contribution of remembrance from Greg "Cmdrwilkens" Burnett and Phong Nguyen, a little virtual "moment of silence." That will remain up there for an indeterminate amount of time, and will probably be updated as new names are added. It was very touching for me, as an American and New Yorker, to see the unity expressed in that thread from friends in other States as well as in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Sweden.

I'm not sure when the next update will be. I don't think I even have anything slated for update at the moment. But when I do you'll be the second to know.

 31 August 2001 - Minor Update - update by Dalton @ 22:37 EDT
- Just one update right now, as promised.

-->Major ST/SW Fanfics: Four all-new chapters of Strange Destinies by Ensign Jimmy. I was obligated to do so since I apparently missed Chapter 4.

In the next update, look for a story that hasn't been updated in a long time.

 22 August 2001 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 22:11 EDT
- Still a bit dry, but here is what I've got.

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: Worlds Without End Redux is at Chapter 2.

--> In Major Fanfics: All I got is one chapter of Andrew Thorpe's Operation Rescue, which puts it at Chapter 11.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: A new story from Colin called Death Dancer.

--> Humor: A few new things. Chapter 3 of The Arr Chronicles, Chapter 6 of El Boydo: The Man Without Fear! from Kynes, and a few new things including another song parody.

That's it, all there is. Later.

 21 August 2001 - Next Update - update by Dalton @ 13:23 EDT
- The fanfic well is a little dry at the moment, but I'll be uploading what I have as soon as I can. There are only four stories to actually update, not counting humor. I'll be getting those to you as soon as possible.

 4 August 2001 - Fanfic Removal - update by Dalton @ 2:01 EDT
- Distant Thunder by Chris O'Farrell has been removed, upon his request, in anticipation of a new story. The next update will occur later this month, around the fifteenth or so.

 23 July 2001 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 2:46 EDT
- Has it really been a month? Wow. Sorry about the delay. Shall we?

--> New in Story Arc Fanfics: Chuck Sonnenburg presents Chapter 1 of Worlds Without End Act I, Redux.

--> New in Major Fanfics: Two more chapters of Strange Destinies by Ensign Jimmy; Chapter 10 of Operation Rescue by Andrew Thorpe; Nathan Yates finally got around to finishing Chapter 6 of Imperial Phoenix: Revenge and Loyalty and posted a revised prologue for In the Company of Strangers (Moved out of Fanfic Pilots.).

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: More shenanigans from Pablo Sanchez with Chapter 2 of Suicide Squad; Another chapter of Nobody Gets Out Alive from Chuck.

--> Humor: Lots of pieces. Most notable are Chapter 2 of The Arr Chronicles and a new, extremely funny parody of ASVS in the form of El Boydo: The Man Without Fear! from Kynes.

I've also restored some stories I apparently misplaced. They are all in the ASVS Culture section of the Humor page. On another note, the vote failed (or passed, depending on your POV). The nays have it, so the Charles Glasgow Memorial Archives will stay unless I'm told otherwise by Sheppard.

 12 July 2001 - New Vote. - update by Dalton @ 17:36 EDT
- I have discovered that persons unknown have attempted to skew the vote. Several of the votes came from the same or a similar IP, which registers as an America Online address. I have my suspicions as to the culprit, but I'm not going to say anything since I have no definite proof. In the meantime, if you've voted before, please vote again here. Only votes containing valid email addresses will be counted. Thank you.

 10 July 2001 - Imperial Phoenix - update by Dalton @ 17:25 EDT
- The latest part of Imperial Phoenix, part 4d, is available here. I have not received any word as to if it will be allowed to reapper on the Archive.

 23 June 2001 - Poll News. - update by Dalton @ 3:00 EDT
- It has come to my attention that there is a possibility that the poll is being tampered with. I have no proof of this at the moment, but if the same trend continues, I will construct a more tamper-proof method of collecting votes.

 22 June 2001 - Archive Updated! - update by Dalton @ 0:13 EDT
- I think I'll start doing updates by section. It just makes things way easier for me.

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: Twilight in Two Galaxies, the second book of Crayz9000's Intergalactic Alliance series, makes its debut with two chapters.

--> In Major SW/ST Fanfics: Robin Adkins has resurrected Prophecy with three new parts, edited by yours truly; Speaking of resurrection, Col.Falkenhorst adds chapter 5 to his oldest entry, titled, of course, Resurrection; Ensign Jimmy posted his first serious fanfic, Strange Destinies; Spyda presents chapter 8 of Nemesis Zero.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: More of Durandal's True Slayer, which is at chapter 4; A new - and quite good, if I might add - story from Pablo Sanchez entitled Suicide Squad makes its debut.

--> In Humor: A lot of really funny stuff, again too much to list, but notable is the first chapter of The Arr Chronicles by Chuck Sonnenburg and Scott Gordee and Dexter's Empire 2 by Crayz9000.

--> Other stuff: Troy McClure explains TGOD; Chuck MiSTs a call to arms for a Star Trek sim.

--> I cleaned up the links page and added Crayz9000 to both the index and staff pages.

In other news, the poll to remove the Charles Glasgow Memorial Archives is currently about 80% against. That's it for tonight, have a great weekend.

 21 June 2001 - Next Update - update by Dalton @ 16:59 EDT
- "So Rob, when the hell are you going to update the Archive?"

Soon, soon! Probably later on tonight. I've been a little busy lately. I do have some news though.

--> News on IP: Imperial Phoenix and Phoenix Company are not going to be put back up here. However, Crayz9000, the Mirror Maintainer, has refused to take them down. You can get them at http://asvsaa.8m.net. I take that back; he just did.

--> I'm holding a vote regarding the Charles Glasgow Memorial Archive. Please vote here.

That's all I have to say for now. Oh, one other thing, Crayz9000 is now a member of the Archive Staff due to his excellent work with the mirror archive. Until next update!

 11 June 2001 - The Next Update - update by Dalton @ 22:41 EDT
- --> Evenin' folks. Just a quick word on the next update. In all likelihood, it'll be before the week is out; I'm waiting on a few edited chapters from my Editor before I update. Also, expect some humor pieces, possibly a MiSTing.

--> In other news, I will soon be holding a vote on the Charles Glasgow Memorial Archive. I won't reveal the details as of yet, but I would like your input once I open the polls.

--> Another exciting bit of news from the Fanfic world: Chuck Sonnenburg will start releasing Worlds Without End: Special Edition in July!

 2 June 2001 - Fanfic Removal - update by Dalton @ 20:59 EDT
- Due to several recent unfortunate events on the Newsgroup, I have been asked by MKSheppard to remove his fanfics Imperial Phoenix and Phoenix Company. As a result, several things have changed.

-> The section IP/BA has been removed.

-> Jonathan Boyd's Battleground Alpha has been moved to Story Arc Fanfics.

-> Nathan Yates' Imperial Phoenix: Revenge and Loyalty has been moved to Major ST/SW Fanfics.

-> LT.Hit-Man's Journal Imperial Phoenix has been moved, along with most of LT.Hit-Man's other fanfics, to his own section.

-> There were several unrelated minor changes in the Archive's layout. Most obvious is that all webring links have been moved to the Links page. I hope this will speed up the site a little.

Finally, if Sheppard decides to reconsider, his fanfics are ready to go back up at a moment's notice. Take care, all.

 21 May 2001 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 2:44 EDT
- Here we go with another update!

-> Cmdrwilkens returns to the fanfic world with Chapter 14 of Hero of the Republic, complete with a full revision. That's in Major Fanfics.

-> Some minor revisions to Intergalactic Alliance, plus an Author's Preface from Crayz9000 in Story Arc Fanfics.

-> Another new fanfic from Colonel Falkenhorst. Revenge is in Major Fanfics.

-> Operation Rescue by newcomer Andrew Thorpe is up to Chapter 9 in Major Fanfics.

-> MKSheppard debuts yet another war story, Phoenix Company in Miscellaneous Fanfics.

-> Two new...er...entries, I guess, from Colin Brian Witz. Wages of Wrath is new and Wolves at the Border is at chapter 2 and apparently finished in Miscellaneous Fanfics.

No new humor. That's all for tonight!

 18 May 2001 - The Next Update! - update by Dalton @ 17:27 EDT
- OK folks, you can expect the next Archive update to come soon. Finals are all over and the weekend is here, so just sit tight. Later.

 8 May 2001 - Special Announcement - update by Dalton @ 16:39 EDT
- The Yahoo! Archive Update mailing list will soon be disabled. All subscribers will now be joined directly to the Archive and will recieve updates the second they go up. I'm working on other things as well that will hopefully make your visit a more pleasurable experience. Please bear with me as I work on this new system. A note to all Hotmail subscribers: if you have Bulk Mail enabled, you will not immediately receive these messages. Thanks! --Rob

 6 May 2001 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 23:51 EDT
- It's definitely summer is all I can say. Three more days until Finals, and then school is over! Prepare yourselves for a deluge of fanfic. The summer's always been rich with fiction.Off to homework with me. Gute Nacht!

 3 May 2001 - For Informational Purposes Only - update by Dalton @ 16:29 EDT
- I got through my shoot alive (hehe), so the next archive update will more than likely be this Saturday. Rob Wilson owes me some editing from last week, so expect a substantial update. Good luck on finals, all you college folks, and to the rest of you, piss off.

 21 April 2001 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 16:56 EDT
- It's that time again.That's it for today's update.

 18 April 2001 - Multimedia Update - update by Dalton @ 18:03 EDT
- Someone once sent me one hell of a strange MP3 (Rog?). It was uploaded and linked on the multimedia page, but unfortunately the link was broken and I don't think I announced it. All should be fixed now and you can check out Patrick Stewart's Drive-Thru here.

 14 April 2001 - Archive Updates - update by Dalton @ 20:42 EDT
- No fanfics updated yet, but several sections.That's it for the moment. See ya soon!

 13 April 2001 - Archive Information - update by Dalton @ 4:06 EDT
- Next update is coming soon. So far I've wasted most of Spring Break on sleep and SEIV, so I plan to make it up before Easter arrives.I think that's it for now. There's some more TGOD information uploaded, but I'm waiting for word from Kyle before making any changes. That's it for tonight! Have a great (insert religious holiday of choice here). Good night.

 8 April 2001 - Small Fix - update by Dalton @ 1:51 EDT
- Kaz alerted me to something I missed while updating his essay; since it contained an updated copy of Thelea's Fleet Calcs, I pulled those out of his essay and updated hers accordingly. It's availabe in Essays.

 8 April 2001 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 1:24 EDT
- I swear I'm working on the Humor page! In other news, more of my fanfics should be coming out soon, so if you're interested in those keep an eye out.That's it for tonight, folks. See you later this week, and have a happy and safe Spring Break.

 2 April 2001 - Next Update - update by Dalton @ 12:55 EDT
- Next update will be coming shortly. Spring Break is next week, so expect all the humor updates then.

 25 March 2001 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 21:55 EST
- Not much this update, just fanfics. I'm a bit sick tonight, so the Humor page has been delayed a bit.Seeya!

 23 March 2001 - Mailing List and Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 13:28 EST
- Three fast items today.That's all for now.

 12 March 2001 - Yesterday Fixed - update by Dalton @ 22:33 EST
- Yesterday's update was fixed.Special thanks to Rob Wilson for pointing out these errors. More to come later as he scours for mistakes.

 11 March 2001 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 22:41 EST
- Alright folks, a pure fanfic update tonight. I'm going to be rearranging the Humor section this week, so that'll be updated later on. Let's get it on. That's it for now. Good night, folks.

 28 February 2001 - Quick Fix - update by Dalton @ 1:14 EST
- Kyle Knopf's Humor piece Voyager's Final Mission was bass-ackwards. It's fixed now.

 27 February 2001 - Testing - update by Phong @ 17:10 EST
- Just a quick test.