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A Virtual Who's Who of the alt.startrek.vs.starwars Fanfic Archive
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Name: Rob Dalton
Position: Archive Maintainer
Known Aliases: Vitals: Rob Dalton took over the Archive at the beginning of the year 2000, updated it considerably and gave it a new look. After it was revealed that Xoom does indeed suck, it was moved over to the (then) recently created daltonator.net to reside with the ASVS FUQ. Ever since, Rob has had less time to concentrate on his fanfics, to the eternal woe of the entire newsgroup. Rob has stopped shamelessly using <font> tags after it was discovered that CSS is easier and much more powerful. Currently an administrator at bbs.stardestroyer.net.

Name: John Hansen
Position: Assistant Maintainer
Known Aliases:
  • Crayz9000
  • l33t h4x0r
Vitals: Everyone's favorite l33t h4X0r runs the official mirror for the Archive. He is also now the virtual head of the TGOD department; his hard work and dedication brought several old TGODs to the Archive. Designed the new index page. Is now Assistant Maintainer due to his invaluable aid with TGODs. Spends most of his time these days around bbs.stardestroyer.net.

Name: Chuck Sonnenburg
Position: Senior GSDA Assistant
Known Aliases:
  • Sonneburg the Red
  • And Chuck
  • Captain Chuck Hardslab
  • Chuck, Lord of the Dance
  • Moderator
  • Chuck, Dark Lord of the Rings
Vitals: Chuck Sonnenburg, writer of epic fanfics and vicious Viking warrior, assists in the management and balloting of the Golden Stardestroyer Fanfic Awards. He also carries a hefty axe and isn't afraid to use it. Author of the epic fanfic Worlds Without End Saga. He has won a record sixteen Golden Stardestroyer Fanfic Awards. He is assumed to have disappeared beyond the Rim.

Name: Kuja
Position: Junior GSDA Assistant
Known Aliases:
  • Flirtatious Maniac
  • (Previously) IG-88E
Vitals: When the call came for volunteers to help with the 2003 GSDAs, Kuja answered and was promptly put to work by the evil dictator in charge of this place. Kuja is a member of Stardestroyer.net, where he is (in)famous for his member-laden comedy script How Stravo Got His Groove Back. His mental faculties are in question as he believes that the Archive Maintainer is hot.

Name: Rob Wilson
Position: Senior Editor
Known Aliases:
  • Rob
  • rob.wn5
  • God-damn donut thief
Vitals: Rob Wilson distinguished himself by being very fair, very intelligent, and very funny. A great guy. Volunteered to take on a lot of unedited fanfics festering in Rob Dalton's "To Edit" directory a while ago. Has been posting sporadically due to back problems and evil computers, but has promised to return very soon. Arises often on bbs.stardestroyer.net, where he's the usergroup moderator for the Warwolves.

Name: Ace Pace
Position: Editor
Known Aliases:
  • The Worst Ace ever
  • The Best Pace ever
  • Lawn Ornament
  • Shortarse
Vitals: Ace Pace is a seasoned vet of the Stardestroyer.net message boards, there since the beginning. Owing to some unknown streak of sadomasochism probably inspired by that fact, he decided to help people edit their fanfics and take some of Rob Wilson's voluminous workload off of his already fragile back. He is a member of the short-lived (short as in height, not lifespan, though The Mailbox sure as hell lasted only a month...) SEGNOR, or SEcret GNOme Revolution, whom I'm sure are not attempting to take over the Archive. Ace is also unique for being one of the few members to not live in North America, Europe or Australia, and the only one known to reside in the Middle East, specifically Israel.

Name: Phong Nguyen
Position: Advisor
Known Aliases:
  • Commodore Nguyen
  • Wielder of the Mallet of Doom™
Vitals: Phong Nguyen demands large amounts of good fanfic. He also demands proper spelling and grammar and often suggests that authors find a beta reader or two. His duties as the advisor include tips on site design and suggestions for authors. He's also currently one of the moderators for the Gaming and Computers forum on bbs.stardestroyer.net.

Name: LT.Hit-Man
Position: Security
Known Aliases:
  • LT.Hit-Man
  • Death
  • El Tee
Vitals: LT.Hit-Man demands copious amounts of good fanfic, but unlike Phong isn't anal-retentive about spelling and grammar. He patrols the Archive, making sure that miscreants like Sean Collins don't get too near the goods. Do not mess with LT.Hit-Man. Do not feed LT.Hit-Man. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball - err, LT.Hit-Man. Appears now and again on bbs.stardestroyer.net.

Name: MKSheppard
Position: Founder
Known Aliases:
  • Ryan Crierie
  • Southern, inbred, gun-toting redneck
Vitals: Created this Archive. Recently returned to ASVS. Is currently raising complete hell whenever he can on bbs.stardestroyer.net.