Self-Appointed Silliness from the Denizens of ASVS, Complete With Catchphrases.

ASVS Whip, FUQ Master, S.L.U.T. and Most Important Person on ASVS
aka God
Flame Warrior Type: God
.....Rob Dalton
"Rob Smash"
ASVS FAQ Maintainer, Anti-FUQ Heathen, Gross-Out King of ASVS
and Official Jonathan Boyd Lookalike
Flame Warrior Type: Duelist (Boyd), Royals, Big Dog
.....Ian Samuel aka Kynes Highwind
"Concession Accepted."
ASVS Master and Official Leader of the ASVS Horny Bastard Brigade
aka Grand Admiral Ego
aka His Asshole-ishness
Flame Warrior Type: Ego, Royals, Jerk
"I hate you all. Die, die, die."
Official ASVS Crusader for a War against 'trekkieism' and Delusional Evil Overlord Wannabe  
.....Dennis Aspö aka His Divine Shadow
"In the Outrageous Okona-" Commence "The Enteprise-" Primary "didn't worry about being hit-" Ignition "......"
Official ASVS Spacebattles Immigrant  
"I left SpaceBattles for this?"
Insane Mecha Designer   
.....Mark Berger aka Iceberg3k
"... I got a great deal on a half-dozen beamswords."
Official ASVS Timothy McVeigh Lookalike  
.....Greg Burnett aka Commander Wilkens
"Flamethrowers, when you need to set someone on fire but they're all the way over there."
Leader of the Boyd Collective and Official ASVS Ambassador to the Lollipop Guild
Flame Warrior Type: Eagle Scout, Duelist (Kynes), Deacon
.....Jonathan Boyd
"We represent the lollipop guild!"
Official ASVS Sad, Crusty Crotchety Old Git #1  
.....Bruce H. Campbell aka Space Cowboy
"ARGH! Another 'new trekkie!'"
Lord of Temporal Control  
All that matters is time...
Leader of the Nut Parade and Lord of the Sourcebooks
Flame Warrior Type: Issues, Ideologue
.....Ryan Crierie aka MKSheppard
You owe me $200, as per ASVS Union Regulation 501(c), I am the only one allowed to make Gun Control Comments.
Official ASVS Aimless Wanderer and Part-Time Galactic Hero
Flame Warrior Type: Lurker
.....Cyborg Stan of CyKoLaJx, Inc.
"Please leave a message after the scream."
Official ASVS Neutral (read: Pro-SW)  
.....James Dawkins aka Paradox
"Can anyone see this? damn my news server sucks ass..."
Official ASVS Tamer of Dragons and Master of the Really Long Goodbye
Flame Warrior Type: Eagle Scout, Kung-Fu Master
.....Graeme Dice
"I'm leaving. Just not yet."
Official ASVS Object of Sexual Desire
Flame Warrior Type: Strumpet
.....Raven Ford aka Naahmah
"On the ground, worm!"
Official Spacebattles Ambassador to ASVS and Slayer of Fools
Flame Warrior Type: Big Dog, Kung-Fu Master
....."Big" Steve Garrett
"I'm sorry, it's a character trait; I can't respect idiots."
Official ASVS Pasty-Faced Black-Wearing Geek  
.....Ryan Gordon aka Rog
"I'm working on it!"
Official ASVS Sad, Crusty Crotchety Old Git #2
Flame Warrior Type: Jekyll & Hyde, Duelist (Poe)
.....Mike Griffiths aka Lord Edam de Fromage
Official ASVS Psychotic Computer Geek  
.....John Hansen aka Crayz9000
Official ASVS Guys with a Really Common Last Name (Lamest Title Ever)  
.....John Healey aka The Chimaera
.....Robert Healey aka Da Jedi
"Which one?"
Official ASVS Nut Bar
Flame Warrior Type: Loopy, Bong
.....Matt Hyde
"When I worked the lunch at high speed, [ why, when I was your age... my Innerpillen! ugh ]"
Official ASVS Small Gods Keeper and Amateur Genius  
.....Martin Kemmish aka SirNitram
Official ASVS Civil War-era Doctor and Shipwright Extraordinaire  
.....Kyle Knopf
"*fires particle beam* *Chris's limbs fall off*"
Official ASVS Token Trekkie  
.....Jacob Landrum aka Supreme Commander Tyralak
"Don't feed the Trolls. They bite, and carry terrible diseases."
Official ASVS God Emperor of Sheep Shagging  
.....Baron Kenneth von Lowe
Official ASVS Dealer of Death and Despair
Flame Warrior Type: Yuk Yuk, Evil Clown, Peacemaker, Garble
"Your death will be legendary even among the Sith!"
Official ASVS Kiwi Schmuck #3 and Press Jockey  
.....Stuart Mackey
"This is entertainment!"
Official ASVS Evil Atheist Conspirator and Pretty Ballerina
Flame Warrior Type: Kung-Fu Master
.....Eric Meadows
Official ASVS Co-Lord of Sourcebook Calcs  
.....Jason L. Miles
"This is Grand Moff Miles, Lord Vader, I am heading to the Milky Way with my 24,952 ship Augmented Sector Group, I don't expect much resistance. Don't worry about sending Death Stars as support."
Official ASVS Lurker  
.....Stim Neuro
"Silently laughing since 2000"
Official ASVS Kiwi Schmuck #1  
.....Andy Newton aka PREDATOR
Official ASVS Assistant Maintainer of the Archive and Wielder of the Mallet of Doom
Flame Warrior Type: Kung-Fu Master, Royals, Grammarian :)
.....Phong Nguyen
Offical Informant to Spacebattles, Designated Foe of Kaz and Master of all X-Wing Games
Flame Warrior Type: Duelists (Poe)
.....Chris O'Farrell
"Offical: Only ASVS person to survive after stealing from Lt.Hit-Man"
High Priestess of the Disciples of Wong and Official ASVS Focus of Controversy
Flame Warrior Type: Grenade, Issues
.....Marina O'Leary aka Commander Thelea
"*smirk* *ka-chink*"
InOfficial ASVS Crossdresser and Swede
Flame Warrior Type: Lurker, Eagle Scout
.....Björn Paulsen aka Fenix aka Jaina Dax
"My sword does my talking for me."
Official ASVS Big, Scary Guy
Flame Warrior Type: Big Dog, Duelist (Edam)
.....Wayne Poe
"You're your own way."
Official ASVS Perv
Flame Warrior Type: Perv
.....Raynor RayCav
"Can I request a title?"
Official ASVS Kiwi Schmuck #2  
.....Mark Rusbridge aka Spyda
"Hey, AA! Over here!"
Official ASVS Destroyer of Self and Trolls
Flame Warrior Type: Rebel Leader, Howler, Godzilla
.....Anders Russell aka WeeMadAndo
"SMAKIBBFB! *runs towards troll* IN THE NAME OF THE FAQ! *boom*"
Official ASVS Quality Assurance Officer  
.....Pablo Sanchez
"I Keep ASVS Mediocre!"
Official ASVS Chief Engineer and Hotrodder  
.....Andras Otto Schneider
"[message not received]"
Official ASVS Pedophile Hater
Flame Warrior Type: Peacemaker
"Gentlebeings, stop this pointless bickering! I'm sure that you can debate reasonably, or at least pretend to."
Official ASVS Pro-Wars Extremist and ASVS Official Humorless Vulcan
Flame Warrior Type: Rottweiler Puppy
.....Kazuaki Shimazaki
"Technical Perfection Isn't Always Total Perfection."
Official Editor-in-Chief of the Only Newspaper that Matters  
.....Phil Skayhan
"[no comment]"
Loony-Bin Escapee and Official ASVS Ego Deflater  
.....Ned Smotherman aka Grand Admiral Ancaris
"I await my certified white-jacket plaque."
ASVS Whip Retiree and Official ASVS "Hagar the Horrible"
Flame Warrior Type: Eagle Scout
.....Chuck Sonnenburg
Official ASVS Lord of the Dance and Wearer of Tights
Official ASVS Guy With More Than One Official ASVS Title
Flame Warrior Type: Ego, Big Dog
.....Damien Sorresso aka Durandal
"Fuck off."
Official ASVS Leon Phelps Wannabe  
.....Ryan Spickard aka Atomik Chicken
"Yes mistress!"
Official ASVS Wiseass, Eater of Cakes and Lover of Alcohol  
.....Gavin Taylor aka Heckler
"One more for the road!"
Official ASVS Baron von Munchausen
Flame Warrior Type: Tiny Yapper, Palooka, Target, Blowhard, Crybaby
"I have a disease prevalent among pregnant women."
Silent and Lost Debater and Valdemar
.....Admiral Valdemar
"For all I care you can go shove your ubership up the arse of a nearby Space Slug, as that is it's only purpose in life."
Official ASVS Fanfic Junkie
Flame Warrior Type: Eagle Scout, Kung-Fu Master
.....Rob Wilson
"I'm going Cold Turkey here, I need my 'fics"
Official ASVS Trained Bear
aka The Don Quixote of Spacebattles
Flame Warrior Type: Android, Bong
.....Colin Brian Witz
"Dammit those Mods might be Giants"
Official ASVS Person Least Likely to Ever Receive the Sad Git of the Month Award  
.....Nathan Yates
"Beatings are our business, and business is good."