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Quote #105 -- Chuck

> > Everyone seems preocupied with TGODS or fan fics, or links, etc. > > > > can we get back to ST vs SW please? > > Those wouldn't have anything to do with ST vs. SW, would they? Why yes they would! Wow, who'da thought. BTW, you are the absolute last person who should be demanding more on topic posts, you dope-smoking, soup-eating, boyfriend-whining, tantrum-throwing, troll-inviting, stargate-loving, mathematically challenged, logically challenged, and just plain challenged lump of protoplasm, possessing the likability of a crying redhead at Kmart and the dishonety of Al Gore and Baron Munchausen put together. Your signal-to-noise ratio can be outdone by a hand radio wrapped in tin foil. In short: Here's your sign.

Quote #108 -- Kynes

>This huge hole in the physics of TNG is most likley a plot device. Gee. No crap, Dr. SmartMan? I'll inform Ripley's. Jesus.

Quote #106 -- Kynes

<snip> 2. Just because Boyd is a gigantic weiner doesn't mean unrealistic plot devices should be concocted to spare his Dorkpire. <snip>

Quote #107 -- Kynes

Boyd, I could build a robot model of you with three hours and a set of Tonka Toys.

Quote #109 -- Kynes

Does Stevie poo want a hankeychin?

Quote #110 -- Kynes

<snip> -=======- CHRIS (to people at movies): "Hey, that movie was worse than season three of Voyager! Right guys?!?!" [everyone pretends not to know him] CHRIS: "Well, no time to waste! Let's warp to U.S.S. Home!" [Chris extends arms behind self in simulation of nacelles and makes warp sound, running around the theater lobby until physically restrained.] CHRIS: "No, you can't make me stop! This is exactly like that TNG episode, 'The Drumhead!' I will not bow to the tyranny of the major--ack..." -=======- <snip>

Quote #111 -- Wayne Poe

Newsgroups: alt.startrek.vs.starwars Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 01:37:02 -0700 From: Wayne Poe <louis@h4h.com> Subject: Re: Here's osmething to brighten up your day... On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, a nobody wrote: > I have enabled the spell checker facility in OE. So now my posts will be 99% error free! Now just enable the asshole facility so your posts no longer show up here. That would be "osmething"

Quote #112 -- Matt Hyde

Matthew Hyde wrote: > > Elim Garak wrote: > > > > While it may indeed have a deeper meaning connected to the book it is > > STUPID as a sig. > > Only if you insist on judging all sigs on their external meaning, > without considering their sources. I am not so narrow-minded, and thus > this sig appears to be quite good to me. Of course it does, because you're stupid. If all the pro-wrestling fans in the world were laid end to end in a line to the moon, they still wouldn't match your dumbness.

Quote #113 -- Chuck

"PAUL JACQUES H.JR" wrote in message news:mNss5.14167$nw6.438533@carnaval.risq.qc.ca... > Poor Chuck! A brief moment of hope is now gone! It will be a time before > it's wits kicks in. > Hit the print button, you'll need this for later. Get on a plane and travel to Anchorage. In the center of town you will find a small fish market called "Abe's Cods." Go inside, ask for Nilvana. Tell him you need transport to the sacred place; he'll understand. While he makes the arrangements you'll need to get your hands on a diving bell and two stout men to work the bellows. Return to the harbor and Nilvana will be waiting with the boat. He will take you into the open area of the Atlantic, but trust his judgment. When the time is right, descend into the icy water a distance of four hundred feet. You will come across a large cave carefully hidden behind a reef, and inside there will be an open pocket of air for you to change back into your clothes. Follow the cave, always taking the left path or you'll become trapped in a magma pocket. After several miles you'll come across a bell; ring it three times. At the sound, a horse will come, and he will transport you to the magical city. That's where the people who care what you think live. Good luck.

Quote #114 -- Chuck

"Nobody" <worms@plastic.minnows> wrote in message news:5OHw5.1027$ap5.6962@news6-win.server.ntlworld.com... > > No, you're not. > > > ye sI am > > check my posts. > you'll find a 98% record for keeping to the "too/to" rule. I find it's a waste of time to peer through your posts to check this statistical possibility, as the fact that you can't spell the pronoun "I" without screwing it up shows either a pathetic grasp of English, or the typing skills of a ninety-year old man in mid-seizure.

Quote #115 -- Chuck

"Deimos Anomaly" wrote in message news:8tn8nn$acp$1@nnrp1.deja.com... > OK MK Sheppard returned, posted for a bit, and now seems to have > vanished. > > Are you there Sheppard? > > Have they revoked his parole or something? Wow, if I had your ability to jump to conclusions, I'd put on a costume and fight crime.

Quote #116 -- Kynes

<snip> Geezus, IXJac, you bring new and sadder meaning to the word "frighteningly retarded."

Quote #117 -- Chuck

<snip> Do you actually have to try to be an asshole, or does it just come naturally to you? 'Cause for me it takes a little effort, but you seem quite capable of just demonstrating total assholishness on command. Whether it's through hard work or just a talent, I salute your ability to be a complete and utter asshole without equal.

Quote #118 -- Spyda

You befouled, vitiated poltroon. You blighted, malodorous, mephitic recreant. You are a festering boil on the ass of all humanity. You have all the backbone of a jellyfish. You moribific, feculent simpleton. Would that I could change my species, just so that I might not be associated with you. The stupendous, confounding magnitude of your insipidness astonishes me. [more]

Quote #119 -- Wayne Poe

On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Isil`Zha wrote: > Let's see what kind of excuses the fantatical warsies will come up > with, it should be amusing. Hey fuckwit, this is alt.startrek.vs.starwars, not alt.we.must.justify.all.starwars.power.numbers.for.those.assholes.who .can't.read, or alt.mikewong.is.a.poopy.head Now, go back to sb.com and play with your Windows Paint program, before I bend you over and paint tits on your back.

Quote #120 -- Stuart Mackey

Puppeteer wote: > Stuart, it's an indication of how boring your posts are. As opposed to how insulting yours are?, better to be boring than trolling round and insulting people. I dont think anyones kf' ed me, but i know you have been, so tell me what does that say about you?. it tells me that you are a rude uncouth, pustule on humanitys prosterior Your skull cavity seems to be filled with a smelly brown organic matter that leaks out of your mouth. You have the wit of an ass, and the manners of one to. You dont know the meaning of the word "fear" - but then again you dont know the meaning of most words But i dont know you, maybe you are not a fool, but what's my opinion compared to that of thousands of others? Thou lump of foul deformity, Thou unfit for any place but hell You should be women and yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so I have but one last thing to say unto you, thou swine, thou foul scrapings from satans effluient discharge, of all your rantings and verbal excrament: "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"

Quote #121 -- Durandal

IXJac wrote: <snip> "Good morning, class!" "Good morning, Mr. Semantics!" "Today's lesson is how to twist and quasi-interpret quotes into what you want them to say!" "YAY!!" "Now, Timmy, can you tell me what I REALLY MEAN, when I say, 'Class, you have no homework tonight.'?" "You mean that we actually DO have homework, but it's up to us whether or not we want to do it!!" "EXCELLENT TIMMY!! You get a copy of IXJac's Thesaurus 1st Edition!" "YAY!!" <snip>

Quote #122 -- Durandal

PuPPeTeer wrote: <snip> Tell me, is it difficult to pull numbers out of your ass with your own head jammed so far up there?

Quote #123 -- Kynes

Transcend wrote: <snip> Ooh, you'd better tell me how you're going to come Virtually Punch Me Out with your Magic Mind CPU and your Thought-o-Fist.

Quote #124 -- Kynes

"The Ambivalent DMZ" wrote: > > Very convenient that you totally ignored the analysis above it. > > I liked to think so, and it was especially clever since I saw nothing wrong with > your analysis. :-) Let's begin the checklist: [X] Trite, pussified withdrawal, complete with smiling punctuation ... check. > > You're right, if > > I'd just said a tagline alone without any analysis, your "claim no warrant" > > bitching would be justified. Since there's a full paragraph above it talking about > > similar events in the past, please feel free to drink my urine. > > Why, that's rather kind of you, Mr. Kynes. Please feel free to extract your foot > from your mouth whenever you see fit. I understand that attempting to urinate may > be quite difficult in such circumstances. [X] Attempt to be clever which inevitably ends as something not even a talk-soup crowd would respect ... check. > > Your subpar 7th-grade-education notwithstanding, Eli Whitney was not cranking > > out Model Ts the day after he invented interchangeable parts. > > Ah - Model T's - a piece of Americana. But then - it's rather fruitless debating > history with Americans, seeing as they have so little of it. :-) [X] Mis-identification of poster's nationality, coupled with lame insult about said nationality ... three for three! Why, good job, you're earned the Platinum Wank award. You may add it to your shelf at your convenience. > > > To conclude: I hate these pat phrases that mean fuck all. Please stop using > > > them. Thank you, that is all. > > > > "Thank you, that is all," is another pat phrase which means fuck all. > > Irony -> . > > > Your Head -> o Allow me to supply a drawing of my own: Me --> 8======D (_._) <-- You. > > I will use any words I choose in any order, and if you don't like it, then I bet you won't > > like me having sex with your girlfriend either. How's that for a pat phrase? > > You have absolutely *no* idea what you're letting yourself in for, so I'll be > gentle on you and let this one go. :-) Now, don't be harsh. I know she's not much to look at but get the lights off and she's quite a tiger. Unimpressed with threats, especially toothless ones, LK Later on... For fun, I will remove all of the witless simpering that you've helpfully denoted with smiley faces: Oh. Look. That's everything. When you're confident enough in verbal exchanges to engage in them without the spine-busting tactic of non-offensive punctuation, please, look me up.

Quote #125 -- Chuck, to Deimos Anomaly

Wow, you've got your head so far up your ass you might have lapped yourself.

Quote #126 -- Matt Hyde, about Transcend

but wait, there's more! I am not just a total package, infinite problem-solving skills encoded into this compact and handsome carrying case, the unwanted bastard halfling son of male circus midgets who turned hermaphoditic after centuries of drug use and running from the Mafia, not only am I a psychic but my cat eats trained sentry dogs too!

Quote #127 -- Kynes, to MKSheppard

Personally, I think I'll wait for canon confirmation of your vomitous blatherigs, rather than accept the word of a half-deaf, all-dumb high-school dropout masturbating to "Ammo and Old Guys," official magazine of the Republican Party.

Quote #128 -- Kynes

"Transcend" <transcend@cybertown.com> wrote in message news:9f1bd7$1qgvg$1@ID-75240.news.dfncis.de... > Ok so I should have said, "It's very fucking *hard* to shield against gamma > rays at all, and impossible to completely!" Or you could have shut your ugly face. It's so weird not to type "Boyd" after that.

Quote #134 -- Kynes, to Transcend

I can't believe someone as dumb as you has managed to use the bathroom your entire life without staining all of your undies.

Quote #135 -- Wayne Poe, to Deimos Anomaly

Would you PLEASE walk into traffic, you trolling piece of monkey shit.

Quote #136 -- Durandal, to Isil'Zha

Your theory is obviously out of the infinite depths of your own ass, probably originating somewhere near where you've stowed your own head.

Quote #260 -- Kynes, to Transcend

A true free market capitalist would ***NEVER*** claim that. You have just fundamentally betrayed the fact that you are an idiot fanboy who doesn't know anything about anything he advocates and just does it so he can assure himself that his inability to solve 5x = 10 won't restrict his career choices to "counter, grill, or drive-up." You don't even sicken me. You'd be a waste of perfectly good bile. I would feed you to my pets if I wasn't worried that your stupidity was so epic as to require some contagious brain disease to be real. Using your corpse as a doorstop would be an insult to the hard-working men who build doorstops. When you die, I doubt you will even decompose, as you are so completely worthless that not even the forces of nature will have interest in reclaiming any part of you. You should be shot into space and then shot with a nuclear missile.

Quote #261 -- Kynes, to Transcend

http://www.capitalism.org/faq/antitrust.htm Go read, Transcend, so you know the party line to parrot next time; you should probably bookmark it so you can just cut and paste it, reducing the amount of noise in the signal you generate. It even opens with a paragraph by Rand. Add it to your "Things To Masturbate To" folder.

Quote #262 -- Kynes, to Guardian2000

All hands on deck. The S.S. Boo Fucking Hoo is about to leave port, sailing on a river of Scott's tears, with the endless wind of his blowhard "arguments" in its sails.

Quote #263 -- Björn Paulsen

"Nobody" wrote in message news:<9hcgo6$msa$1@newsg2.svr.pol.co.uk>... > reported to groups-support@google.com You must be aware that I was being mild compared to the treatment you deserve, you miserable halfwit. The fact that you don't even dare strike at me directly is but one piece of proof among millions that you are a coward, a sniveling sycophant, and a loser of such stupendous magnitude that I am amazed. It is interesting, but not really surprising, that despite you having been massively killfiled and that the people who DO address you do it out of pity, you keep coming back, like a kicked dog who still won't go away. I see you as a lurker kept around solely as a freak show and an experiment to see where the lower limit of human intelligence can be found. You are a pitiful caricature of a subhuman, a suck-up with no friends and no allies, and the ultimate proof that a human being really can de-evolve. Or in other words, shut the fuck up.

Quote #290 -- Wayne Poe, to Guardian2000

No, my argument is based on POV. Your misunderstanding of that comes from having your head so far up your ass that you can see out of your penis.

Quote #291 -- Rob Wilson

Well 3of5is has just sent me the following "Fuck you asshole." in response to my calling 92knight a coward in my reply concerning Ensign Jimmy. Well as you can imagine I was shocked to my core by his language, it obviously shows him to be a big tough guy who terrifies me no end. Then the sheer intellect of it struck home. The Swiftian satire and peerless Wilde-like wit, wielded like a razor sharp rapier he cut me to the quick of my soul and made me realise one thing... That if this fuckwit coward, wants to play he can come out in the open like a man or just sit in his shit-encrusted little hovel unwanted and abused by the local wildlife as normal. Better yet the yellow little arsebandit can stop sucking his fathers dick, climb out of the family pigpen, tie weights to his feet, a cheesewire noose around his throat and jump into the ocean. That way he brings happiness to others and provides nutrition for the the fish. Of course the little baby will just whinge and moan, maybe even display his pitiful excuse for intellect again (just to give us something else to laugh at), maybe it enjoys being held up to ridicule, being pointed at as the loser of it's generation, scorned even by the single cell organisms that live in it's stomach for being too thick to be allowed to live. Hey 3of5is and 92knight (if your two different people, rather than one squirming piece of cowardly shit) why not stick the shotgun down one of your throats and then pull the trigger. The blast would kill the other one too, what with their head being up the firsts arse gobbling up the shit it needs to live.

Quote #295 -- Wayne Poe, to G2K

You're so full of shit I should twist your ears to flush your brain.

Quote #297 -- Wayne Poe

POE: Hello, San Gabriel Transit. DMZ: Yes, I'm calling about the Baldwin Park dial-a-ride policy. What is the fare to ride it, and WHO can ride it. POE: The fare is fifty cents, and only senior citizens and the disabled can ride. DMZ: Now, is this Baldwin Park's official policy, or your misinterpretation? POE: Uh, that's Baldwin Park's policy. DMZ: But are you a Baldwin Park city employee? POE: Noooo...I am a San Gabriel Transit employee. We run the Baldwin Park dial-a-ride for the city of Baldwin Park. DMZ: So does that give you official dispatch to state official Baldwin Park policy? POE: I can tell you the policy, yes. I need to know it in order for me to do my job. DMZ: But you're not a Baldwin Park city employee, right? POE: I believe we've established that already sir. DMZ: Well, I was just at city hall. I asked the janitor, a CITY EMPLOYEE, mind you, what the fare is, and who can ride. He said "A quarter, I think" and "Anyone who wants to, I guess". POE: Well, all I can tell you is, is that I need to know this policy to correctly do my job. The janitor just cleans the buildings. DMZ: So you'd have the audacity to elevate yourself, a NON city employee above a CITY employee? POE: Get fucked, you ignorant trolling piece of shit. =click=

Quote #350 -- C.S.Strowbridge

Alves: But we have rules. We have to follow this rules. Me: And apparently Rule #1 is Alves must act like a god damn idiot.

Quote #379 -- C.S.Strowbridge

IXJac: When we leave, the Trekkies here will still have to stand on their own. Me: When you leave the total IQ of the Trek side will go up.

Quote #385 -- Björn Paulsen

Edam, if I were like Jonathan, I'd pray for your soul. Since I'm not, I'll just ask you to go fuck yourself.

Quote #386 -- C.S.Strowbridge

So Paul's a looney who wouldn't know common sense if it came up and licked his ball sack.

Quote #391 -- Rob Wilson

"Strowbridge" <strowbridge@home.com> wrote in message news:3B944938.90B4634F@home.com... <snip> > 2.) Is it just me or is Transcend the Pro-SW version of Elim Garak? Trannie is the Pro-SW version of Lead, dense, easily mallable and poisonous in large enough quantities.

Quote #392 -- Chris Lyth, to Transcend

So you are now claiming enhanced intelligence in addition to your other superpowers which avail you naught against Burger King Trash Receptacles. If your intelligence has been enhanced, I hate to think what a total vegetable you must have been before.

Quote #393 -- Transcend

In article <3B9508C7.2E6D64CB@home.com>, "Strowbridge" <strowbridge@home.com> wrote: <snip> >> Besides, no one ever said capitalism was perfect - it just had to work >> better than the alternatives like Socialism... > > Capitalism is fatally flawed, so is communism. Socialism is the only way > to go and that's why practically every country uses it. Fucking commie.

Quote #394 -- Spyda

To get dropped to Tranny's level. It would involve getting mugged by a garbage can, rapid prototyping skills, being an expert gardener, knowing Kung-fu, being dominated by felines, lacking math skills, having the ability to get a decent job without a degree, and having more "poor me" complexes then an ivory plated Rhino at a poachers convention with a bad case of haemorrhoids.

Quote #408 -- C.S.Strowbridge, to IXJac

Is this too complicated for you? I could use smaller words.

Quote #409 -- C.S.Strowbridge, to IXJac

Do you always ignore the evidence presented when you debate?

Quote #421 -- C.S.Strowbridge, to Puppeteer

There are only two reasons I debate with you: 1.) SGotM. 2.) I hate you. I truly HATE you. And not cause you are Pro-ST, it's cause you are a racist piece of ignorant shit. To steal a phrase, 'A cancerous pulip on the anus of society.' When you die the total IQ of the planet will jump up.

Quote #451 -- C.S.Strowbridge, to G2K

Now be a good bitch and shut the fuck up.

Quote #469 -- C.S.Strowbridge

Guardian 2000: You do not seem to understand the concept of the invisible pink unicorn. It evades all efforts at detection . . . that is the whole idea, the whole point of the thought experiment on falsifiability. Chuck: Won't the invisible unicorn make noise bumping into things, stumbling into traffic, and falling off cliffs, since it can't see with invisible retinas? Me: Here's a thought: If it can't be detected, either directly or indirectly, then it can't have ANY effect of the real world. If it did these effects could be detected. Therefore, whether it existed or not makes not one lick of difference and it can be ignored. Just like Guardian's arguments.

Quote #492 -- C.S.Strowbridge

Spyda: Death toll from US high school shootings over the past 3 to 5 years: 69 Transcend: Shootings or "gun incidents"? Because they count a kid drawing a picture of a gun as a "gun incident" now... Me: Are you mentally retarded? Seriously. This isn't a insult it will determine how I debate you in the future. And after you answer that question maybe you can tell us how can someone fatally draw a picture of a gun?

Quote #518 -- C.S.Strowbridge

Deimos Anomaly: No doubt this will come as a shock to many of you, to find that a man who you no doubt think of as a pillar of the community could engage in such low and insidious practices. Nevertheless, I have solid proof, here: http://www16.brinkster.com/deimosanomaly/daltonaapost.jpg of a vicious dirty tricks campaign being waged by Rob Dalton against me. I hope now you realise what sort of a two-face he is. Me: I hope this is a joke. But since you are incapable of recognizing a joke I doubt you could make one.

Quote #541 -- Strowbridge, to Deimos

What happened was this: 1.) Dalton Posts a humorous message about declaring Martial Law. 2.) Crayz thinks it was you who posted it and said, 'STFU Deimos!' 3.) Dalton corrected Crayz claiming credit for the post. 4.) You got confused, again, and gave us more excuses to mock you. 5.) Mock, mock, mock.

Quote #598 -- Chris Lyth, to Transcend

I didn't have time earlier to fully scorn this response. I shall now correct that.

Quote #599 -- Rob Wilson, to MKSheppard (Official ASVS Racist Scumbucket)

Tell us Ryan what's the weather like on your homeplanet of Buttfucked-Shitbrains? Do you often get headaches and have to cure them by hitting yourself with a hammer? If not, what is your explaination for your frankly unbelievably low level of displayed cogitation?

Quote #604 -- Björn Paulsen

You're not alone, Rob. In fact, I believed so much in him, I couldn't bear to part with him. *strange smile* So he had to part with himself. *holds up severed head* Turns out it was an improvement. *freezes in a moment of clarity* Oh God! What have I done?! I killed Trannie! And I didn't even mutilate the body!

Quote #609 -- Rob Wilson

> With Demios around it would get us all charging up > whatever hill faster...to get away from him. With Deimos in the Marines you'd all be tied up just trying to get him issued with kit and out the building "For the last fucking time, the arms go in the sleeves! It's not a conspiracy and your sticking your head up the sleeves does *not* foil our fucking plans!"

Quote #612 -- Matt Hyde, about Prometheus

Spyda wrote: > > Phong Nguyen wrote: > > Can anyone please translate this post into a semblance of proper English > > for me? > > I think he's trying to flame Rob but I'm not sure about that. > At any rate, one of us would have to go back in time about 500 years, look for an illiterate teenaged pickpocket who learned his English in an Italian prison, bring them back, and train them not to be freaked out by modern electronics, before we could even begin to decipher this crap.

Quote #613 -- Rob Wilson

"PROMINENT-ASS Abused his keyboard to produce.. > > Hey ANGLO_WILSON! The original 'poet' made up the banalities. Why > don't you pick on that MILITARISTIC PIECE OF SHIT. I uphold freedom > and liberty. He upholds terror and you uphold BULLSHIT!!! You Uphold Freedom and Liberty!? How do you do that the worthless shit? How does being an ignorant coward qualify you to do such a thing? The next time you have to hijack a thread to try and espouse your rightwing masturbations be thankful you are safe in whatever hole you hide in. As if we actually had to have more proof of the huge yellow streak running down your back you went and posted this?! Here's a clue fuckwit, either you beleive in what you posted or you don't. If you do then you defend it, not run away like the bastard coward you are and whine "I didn't write it, blame someone else." You little worm, you are a fucking coward and you know it. Greg serves his country and is prepared to die so others don't have to, yet you sit in your shit-encrusted hovel and backbite; bitching and moaning like the cocksucking putrid dickwarmer you are. No wonder you were given to a lab for experimentation, it's the only thing of worth in your whole stnking life. Hooked up to a machine and forced to chainsmoke so they could examine the effects of lung cancer. How disappointed your mother must have been, after going for a shit in her zoo cage she realising you had popped out instead, I can only imagine the look of horror on her simian face as you kept clawing feebly out of the earth where she tried to bury you with the rest of the Excretia. Did the keepers finally give up on using you as a mop? After all a scrawny little byblow like yourself can't have even had the proper amount of fur so just ended up moving the water and urine around the Elephant enclosure, instead of usefully absorbing it. How much did they pay the researchers to take you off their hands? Hell I bet the Lab techs were over the moon when they realised that Anti-vivisection laws only cover sentient creatures so they were free to perform full lung biopsies on you whilst you lived and therefore chart the cancers spread fully. We should give thanks that they Neutered you as it removed any chance of scum like you breeding, of course the odds were against it anyway. How likely were they to find a Blind, retarded, autistic Primate that was butch enough in figure to turn you on? Come to think of it, how would they manage to get the concept of intercourse across to you where you do the penetrating, rather than being penetrated. And just to make it worse, there's no way a normal sized sperm could squeeze through that hair you laughingly call your penis. All told, You are one of the few people that makes me wonder what I bothered protecting freedom for. However you are a very small minority and I am glad I did my part in ensuring that others have the freedom of speech and thought that allows them to deride and ridicule you with impunity. Do the world a favour, finish coughing up that lung and die already.

Quote #614 -- Crayz9000

>Hey ANGLO_WILSON! The original 'poet' made up the banalities. Why >don't you pick on that MILITARISTIC PIECE OF SHIT. I uphold freedom >and liberty. He upholds terror and you uphold BULLSHIT!!! Intense bozon field detected. (A)bort (F)ail (R)etry _

Quote #626 -- Pablo Sanchez

"Strowbridge" <strowbridge@home.com> wrote in message news:3BCF3D33.CE419B0F@home.com... > Dalton wrote: > > > > JamesF wrote: > > > > > I say that if these star ships are assembled with elmer's glue, and > > > the klingons are assembled with say... duct tape, the duct tape is going > > > to hold up if the shields go. > > > > I have a better idea: use Elmer's Glue to seal your asscrack, and duct > > tape to shut your mouth. Then we hit you in the face with a brick and > > sell you to a Taiwanese whore house. > > If his ass is sealed shut the whore house won't want him. Which is how > everyone else feels about him right now. Whorehouse Owner: His ass-crack sealed right shut! But he still sucky sucky, now that brick knock out teeth! TEN DOLLAH!

Quote #644 -- Chuck

"Deimos Anomaly" <samj_ulster@hotmail.com> wrote in message news:3C1123F4.F47035B6@hotmail.com... > Remember I got broadband a while back? Well, I'm letting my AOL > subscription run out, which will probably take my AOL e-mail with it, so > I've set up a new (hotmail) account. Any e-mail sent to me is to be sent > to this adress: iwontgetlaid@all.com > Already added to my address book. Monitor #17 moderator@sfdebris.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This message posted using sfdebris.com resources. If you believe the monitor's action is in error they may be reported to administrator@sfdebris.com. Thank you for your patronage.

Quote #653 -- Kynes

On 10 Dec 2001 04:43:05 -0800, metalnavy@hotmail.com (Falkenhorst) wrote: >If Boyd says anything, I'll talk to him. Replace "talk to" with "punch" and you've got the attitude of the rest of humanity.

Quote #655 -- Kynes, to G2K

Thanks for picking the most atypical cases and holding them up as some sort of standard, you useless hatfucker.

Quote #659 -- Kynes, to G2K

<snip> [snip long description] Great. Thanks for proving you can look up episode summaries. Like it matters whether Dr. Greybeard has blue eyes or brown eyes. Retards should make fun of you. Do you honestly think these sort of stupid, asinine displays of Trekkie geekdom do anything except exacerbate your position as Group Moron? No, excuse me. Of course you don't think. If you put an ounce of thought into any of the drivel you spew, the newsgroup's collective IQ would quadruple. The important part about Evolution was that the scientist wanted to study the expulsions of neutronium ("globules," in case you haven't figured that out) from the star. As you have not contested this, concession accepted on the first example of ST neutronium displaying properties that are "impossible" in RL. Oh, and your request for quotes? Eat my shit. You may "note that" in your little Logbook of Kynesian Wrongs, if you wish. OFFICIAL RESPONSE. LIET KYNES. 12/23/2001. TOLD TO "EAT SHIT" WHEN REQUESTING QUOTES TO PROVE THE PLOT OF EVOLUTION. <snip> Apparently I have two things you don't. 1) Knowledge of the episode in question 2) Human friends

Quote #664 -- Kynes vs. G2K

<snip> You're a sad, stupid little man. <snip> Yes, I do, since it reflects reality. Even the pro-ST side in this group won't associate with you. You are uniformly regarded as a fucktard, and that concensus is an accurate one. <snip> > Cry, Ian, cry all you wish. "Cry all you wish." Golly! What a zinger! I am stung! Now suck my fucking dick, if you're not too busy in your official capacity as Nursing Home Felcher. <snip> "The Star Wars universe." Do you actually believe that universes can "know" things, or has syphilis just degraded your brain to the point that your only thoughts are Kate Mulgrew fantasies interspersed with "UIhhh, uhhhh, Kynes is a meanie hed$#@!#" <snip> LOLOL Let's see your picture, Scott. I've never hidden any aspect of myself from this or any other online group, because unlike you, I have no need to hide behind a shield of anonymity because my life isn't a pathetic mess and I don't have to invent lies for strangers. Jesus, you are such a little-kid moron. I can see you now: toddling around your trailer park, wrapped up in an American-flag diaper, speaking made-up Latin phrases to the local bucktoothed Down's syndrome "beauties" who are "slim and trim" because they hyperventilate while eating and usually vomit out most of their meals. <snip> >Mine is the hypothesis that fits the facts. Hypothesis: "Uh, magic tech exists in ST but not SW hahahaahah SW is poop heads#!!@" Wow, how stunningly advanced. <snip> For someone living in the middle of the Deep South, you seem to have an extraordinary deal of self-hate. It reminds me of when Boyd used to say masturbating was a sin. Love yourself, Scott; no one else is going to take up the job. <snip> >It is your hypocrisy to sit here trying to defend Star Wars neutronium. "No, the thing you said about me is actually YOU!" Wow, good one! I forget, am I rubber, or glue? <snip> This is obviously NOT the case; the Iconians took a different path and all the little-girl bitching from you in the world won't change that. Now kindly eat my shit. <snip> (Scoot: "uhhhh, wots that. stop marginalizaing meeee. go USA!#!@") <snip> I've already won. I'm just making fun of you now. You have no idea how hard I laugh imagining you furled up at the keyboard, foaming at the mouth and writhing around. "UHHH, UHHHH, DAMNIT, SW NETRRRMN IS BADE"

Quote #667 -- Chuck vs. G2K

Oh no, I had my intelligence insulted by someone who, from all appearances, routinely puts his underwear on backwards.

Quote #671 -- C.S.Strowbridge "surrenders" to G2K

You know, you are no longer even entertaining in your stupidity. So fuck off, I'm done with you. You can go and pretend you won, even though you convinced no one, not even the people on your side. Not even the people who WANT the TMs included were swayed by you pathetic arguments. Even though nothing changed I give you full permission to live your life in glorious self deception. Meanwhile I, the defeated, will stay here with nothing but the rules, the massive support from the regular debaters and the facts to comfort me.

Quote #676 -- Michael Wong

Gothmog's been strutting around sb.com like Big Man on Campus, but with his dickless debate tactics and now this, he's rapidly proving himself to be nothing but a pompous, two-faced, lying, long-winded, ignorant, arrogant, irrational, weaselly little chickenshit fucktard.

Quote #677 -- Kynes

On Sun, 06 Jan 2002 14:27:53 +0000, Jonathan Boyd <jonathan@jboyd.co.uk> wrote: >This whole argument about faith rests on a single issue - your insistence >that your definition is the only valid one. I'm not saying that it's not >valid; I'm just saying that it is not _always_ valid. Take this example: > >In front of me, I have my girlfriend and a bowl of tomato soup. I reject this example as a reduction to absurdity.

Quote #694 -- Matt Hyde

Wes Hutchings wrote: >Stuart Mackey wrote: > >Wes wrote: > >> C.S.Strowbridge has a wonderful sense of style when it comes to dickey's > >> > >> thinks he understands. > >> > >> wes > > > > There there, dont worry wes, someone out there understands you. > > Yes she does, which makes it all worthwhile. > wes Frightening. I can almost see Wes caressing and cooing sweet nothings to his life-like doll. "Those rat bastards. Nobody understands me but you. You make it all worhwhile. They said they were concussion missiles, but we know they're really lasers, isn't that right. That Matt Hyde, he's so mean, calling me a liar because I said I knew 3D modeling but I didn't know what CFD was, and when I said I knew automobile design yet I didn't know the 3D modeling software Ford and Chrysler use, and he called me a liar because I said AutoCAD instead of Unigraphix or IDEAS or CATIA. Hmmmph, fat lot he knows. Show off. Wanna watch me pee? I'm a beautiful man. My Precious, my Precioussss."

Quote #712 -- Kynes, to Kamikaze Sith

I was speaking to people with a brain. You may sit back down.

Quote #713 -- Durandal

Karate Squid wrote: > 'Its not a galaxy' > > It looks like a galaxy, the script says its a galaxy, and more than > one book calls it a galaxy. Its a galaxy. > > And even if you claim it isnt a galaxy, its seen with stars in front > of it. That makes it light years wide and cant spin at that speed > unless the speed of light is different or the Star Wars universe is > miniture. I've explained this OVER AND OVER, but you just can't seem to get it through that neutron star of a head. A higher speed of light will affect virtually EVERY interaction on the quantum level, macroscopic level, and relativistic scale. The speed of light has relevance in nearly every equation in modern physics. You're placing hearsay over rational thinking. Rather than concluding that it's a galaxy based upon its observed properties, you're reaching that conclusion because someone told you it was so, when it is clearly in error. We've all simply resolved to saying that it's an astronomical phenomenon of unknown origin and mechanism. You haven't even given any numbers to back up your claim. What IS the value of c in SW, if it's different, as you claim? I'll bet you don't have the first fucking clue of how to derive it. You make claims but provide no numbers of any kind. Your statements are about as valid OJ Simpson's defense case. > 'Its impossible to have a universe where the speed of light is > different and still have intelligent life' > > Proof it. WE HAVE. A faster speed of light affects EVERYTHING. Jesus Christ Fucked Up The Ass By A Canoe, don't you fucking get it?! I CAN'T make the significance of c ANY clearer for you. This is like explaining quantum physics to a mentally-retarded wall, only I'm giving your intellect FAR too much credit. Your only purpose is to continually lower the lowest common denominator of human intelligence, as your entertainment value is falling more quickly than the collective grammar and spelling acumen of the human race since the inception of the internet, denoted by your misspelling of the word "lose" and your usage of the word "proof" as a verb. What are you, in fucking 4th grade? You think that because you've ejaculated on the pages of the Star Trek Technical Manual that you're a fucking expert in astrophysics? Piss the fuck off. > 'Maybe its a viewscreen showing a simulation of a galaxy' > > Yeah, right. We see the same view from outside, and we see them from > the outside in the window. What a convincing argument, coming from the fucktard that can't even spell "lose" correctly. Ever heard of those mirrors that reflect on one side, but let light pass through the other? Don't suppose the SW galaxy has something like that, do you? Move the fuck on, you trolling piece of fecal matter. Just fucking leave. I know you're wrong, and I've shown it to the obvious satisfaction of everyone watching. You fucking lose. This fact is intuitively obvious to even the most casual of observers. I've gone to painful lengths to explain these concepts to you, and you still persist in your creationist-like stance that a different speed of light WOULDN'T have enormous implications. I gave you a link to one of my essays regarding this EXACT topic, which explains this connection is easily-understandable terms. Has it occurred to you YET that I and others on this group may know something that you DON'T? Your confounding arrogance and ignorance served as spectacle for all those watching, but it's degenerated into little more than an annoyance. If you want attention, show the rest of your class your wee-wee during your recess period on Monday. This is the last fucking time I'm responding to you. You've utterly failed to critique my essay on the relationship between c and gravitational attraction or to address my point regarding the Cosmic Microwave Background and its temperature variance's effects on galaxy formation, or my statement that gravity propagates at c, and I haven't even TOUCHED on c's effect on Planck values. Do the human race a fucking favor and hire someone to fucking shoot you in the fucking head. At least THAT way, you'll keep the economy going, so your death may have SOME contribution to a higher cause, which is certainly more than can be said for your life. To sum up: Go fuck yourself. Goodbye. *PLONK*

Quote #748 -- Kynes

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002 01:16:00 -0000, "Deimos Anomaly" <samj_ulster@hotmail.com> wrote: >SLAY THE HERETIC! INITIATE EXTERMINATUS IN THE NAME OF THE GOD-EMPEROR OF >MAN!! I'm actually at the point where I find more laughter in watching Deimos spin himself around like a top any time anyone says or does anything. "Hey Deimos, I think we should all flouride to the water supply!" "*vrooooooooooommmm!*"

Quote #749 -- Kynes

No, I debate via argumentation with a strong vein of mockery running through it in order to keep myself conscious and entertained while responding to dumber posters, such as yourself.

Quote #776 -- Chuck

"Darth Sacred" <tropicdan@hotmail.com> wrote in message news:1021937260.119401@RedRat.CandW.ky... > Wow, what princes of diplomacy you all are. > > Someone has the audacity not to be born with Webster's English crammed > into their brain so you use that as an excuse to ridicule him. > > You stupid idiots. The guy just asked for a place to get Star Wars pics > and you make fun like he's the elephant man. Bravo, immature bastards. > Climb off your high horse Mr. Kissinger before you get a nosebleed. If we want to poke fun at someone who can't operate a search engine and stumbles into a non-binary group asking for pictures, we will. Your I'm-so-fucking-superior attitude is rather hindered by your own lack of a helpful answer, isn't it. No, don't bother helping this guy, show what a sensitive man you are by criticizing those who made fun of him, show what a fucking champion you are by shaking your finger at us. And what's the deal with you ripping on the elephant man anyway? Is it suddenly okay to make fun of someone because they're physically malformed? Maybe you should point that high-powered, piercing ray of perception at yourself next time you feel like blathering about on USENET. Now, run along and have a good cry.

Quote #790 -- Chuck

"Deimos Anomaly" <samj_ulster@hotmail.com> wrote in message news:3CFAAABB.2060407@hotmail.com... > After many months of using OE to access ASVS, (ever since my only > version of Netscape Composer quit working), I finally got fed up with > the microsoft bullshit, and downloaded Netscape 6 with its associated > new version of composer. > > So I've just configured it for USENET access etc, and this is the > obligotry test post. > This is my "obligotry" mockery of Deimos. *Ahem* Deimos, you're an idiot. Hmm, not very good. "Look at me, I'm Deimos! Aren't I special! Watch me post my test posts to ASVS for the billionth time!" No, not much better. Deimos carefully attempts to post a message onto USENET. And... success! A joyous Deimos remarks to reporters: "Now I'll show that stupid toilet who's boss!" Promising... Deimos starts a new thread to test his system. This makes this thread different from any other thread he's ever started: it might actually accomplish something. No...maybe a slogan. "Hi there! I'm Deimos, here to remind you that the Internet isn't just for smart people any more." Naw, not slogan-y enough. Deimos.. like taking a bath in stupid. Wait, slogan-y isn't a word Deimos, I doubt an idea would stick in your head even if I wrapped it in velcro. Rather mean-spirited Deimos: "IIIII am the very model of a modern frontal hemmorhage.." No, no more musicals "Hi, I'm Deimos. I test in discussion newsgroups for the same reason I piss in my waterbed: because I can!" Wow this is a hard one. How do you basically say "You've been in this group for over two years and you STILL haven't figured out how to use alt.test, you flippin' goober!" Maybe Hallmark makes the right card.

Quote #804 -- Pablo

"JennyCorbitt" <jennycorbitt@aol.com> wrote in message news:20020701232635.01579.00001849@mb-fw.aol.com... > >Subject: Re: [NEWS FLASH] Another old Troll?? > >From: "Pablo" pablo_sanchez2000@hotmail.com > > > >I'd tell her to masturbate, but I don't think /anyone's/ desperate enough > >to have sex with her. > > > > > > Pablo, Pablo, Pablo...Look again at what you said. Maybe mommy and daddy have > not given you the "talk" yet, but you really should learn what masturbation is > before you start throwing it around as a potential insult. Masturbation is sex with yourself. Nobody wants to have sex with you, not even you yourself. 2+2=2. Am I being clear, here? Or do I need to say it in your native language? Bark bark, woof woof.

Quote #805 -- Pablo

"JennyCorbitt" <jennycorbitt@aol.com> wrote in message news:20020702001441.01542.00002262@mb-cs.aol.com... > >Subject: Re: [NEWS FLASH] Another old Troll?? > >From: nitramtahalshia@aol.comAntiSpam (Sir Nitram) > > > >No, this is mocking stupid people like you. > You need to work harder at it. If you were worth the effort, maybe. Unfortunately, mocking you is like peeing. It's not very hard, and it's only temporary relief. Yet it still needs to be done.

Quote #831 -- Wayne Poe

"DarkStar" <afinalunity@hotmail.com> > I suggest you change your tune before your next reply, or else I'll have > to reply by e-mailing you a recording of me laughing my ass off at you. Don't worry. I won't waste any more time with you. "Oh! TOS warp doesn't exist anymore because I say it doesn't! "Oh! There IS no official Star Wars info, only canon!" If you were any more of a troll I'd have to pay toll to read your posts.

Quote #837 -- Colin Witz

You are a waste of Genetic information, most likely sprang up from your father giving himself a hand job while fantasizing about raping his sister.

Quote #838 -- Wayne Poe

"Dalton" <rob@daltonator.net> > You are so full of shit even the Trekkies got sick of you. > > Better go start crossing your name off in the phone directories, don't > want the big bad stalker to get ya. How sad is it that Scooter spent an entire year making cut-and-paste arguments for his return? He's actually been obsessing on us for a whole YEAR...while we simply forgot about him! Lol!! "Oh Boys...." Can you just HEAR this lisping Tube Steak Tarzan saying that? What's even funnier-- who does the most damage to Trekkie credibility? "Rabid Warsies", or fucktards like this? Its very telling that we simply thought, "Oh, yet another Trekkie retard" instead of "Hmm...must be a RETURNING Trektard...."

Quote #859 -- Wayne Poe

"DarkStar" <afinalunity@hotmail.com> wrote > http://ocean.otr.usm.edu/~randers2/STSWrise.html You seem to forget in your tossing off that your analogy is flawed, sice ISDs used a 1/10th of a second blast to VAPE asteroids, while a PHOTON TORPEDO can't even accomplish this. (Note the huge chunks flying off to the right...) Anyway, nice page. You're sure to get rabid Trekkies who don't know any better to "fire protein phasers" at their computer screen.

Quote #873 -- Spyder (about Transcend)

Take that you dog cum sucking waste of DNA!

Quote #882 -- Pablo Sanchez

On 11 Sep 2002 09:08:47 -0700, fenix_burns@yahoo.com (Eleas) wrote: >"Wayne Poe" <louis@h4h.com> wrote in message news:<untk8lksfe5805@corp.supernews.com>... >> I wish Kynes would decloak. I would be wonderous. The guy that kicked >> Anderson's ass last year teaming up with the guy that will kick his ass THIS >> year. >> >> Then Scooter will disappear again. >> >> Then in summer of 2003: >> >> Posted By: Silent Running >> >> "Hi. I have a question about the wealth of inaccuracies on Mike Wong's >> website, as well as the incorrect canon policy of this august enclave." > >There is only one Wong, and Poe is his prophet. A reading from the book of Neutronium, Chapter two: "And the two-thousandth Guardian did ravage the land with his rapacious appetite and invincible ignorance, and lo, all the debaters which fought him fled in disgust. But then appeared Kynes of Liet, a mighty warrior, who did engage the trekkie in equal combat for three and ten days. "And when the battle was ended, Guardian the two-thousandth did flee from the newsgroups, accursed by all he passed, be they trekkies or the believers of the one true Sith, Darth Wong. "But lo, Poe, prophet of Wong, admonished the people even in the midst of their celebrations, 'Cheer not yet, ye hatfuckers, for though Robert--the son of Ander--is defeated now, he shall return in other guises and at other times. Verily, he shall strike again, and his ignorance shall increase ten-fold!'" Amen.

Quote #883 -- C.S.Strowbridge

DarkStar wrote: > And then realize that the fact he has done any of this is quite sad. So he asked? What's the big deal. You could ask one of your friends ... Oh, I see the problem.

Quote #884 -- Björn Paulsen

"DarkStar" <afinalunity@hotmail.com> wrote in message news:<5QAf9.454349$Aw4.18939819@bin2.nnrp.aus1.giganews.com>... > "CyrilGrey" <cyrilholt@hotmail.com> wrote in message > news:11d77505.0209101801.511dfbc0@posting.google.com... > > DasBastard <dasREMOVETOEMAILbastard@freakland.net> wrote in message > > news:<pjsrnukua8vvsululen6g848etg758jf7t@4ax.com>... > > > I am worried about this debate for two reasons: > > > > > > 1) it will probably not happen (beyond Mike's opening salvo), as all > > > of DarkStar's bullshit is a transparent attempt to accumulate excuses > > > for slithering out of a mano-a-mano with Mike. > > > > > > 2) how can the debate possibly live up to the entertainiment value of > > > the bumbling cowardice that Bobby-boy has spewed all over this thread? > > > > > > Even if it's just the first salvo, that salvo will be the culmination > > of thousands of gallons of sweat, blood, and tears that have gone into > > proving that DarkStar is Really Is A Moron. > > Pity it won't all be Mike's! He's had to enlist the assistance of the > entire SD.Net community. > > "Mano-a-mano" my butt. :D Bullshit, Scotty. You see, he didn't "enlist" anyone at all. You're being attacked en masse because your arguments were stupid enough to singlehandedly UNIFY two entire boards AGAINST you. LOL. Had you been a rational person, the fact that your own side holds you in even deeper contempt than the Wars side would have told you something. If not that, then the fact that you have no supporters, due to your artful combination of arrogance, ignorance and, let's just face it, repressed yearning for cock. But don't let me get you down. I realize your world revolves around this silly debate (yes, it's that obvious from the emotional attachment you display toward Trek), but there is a world outside. Why not take some time off? Since you've in all likelyhood alienated everyone around you, I recommend going away to a place where you can start fresh. Kick back. Work on that suntan. I hear Irak can be lovely this time of year.

Quote #891 -- Dalton

Dickstar wrote: > Why, because I am not, in fact, hated by all the Warsie denizens? Oh, wait > . . . > And all Trekkie denizens. And many of the Neutrals. And God.

Quote #892 -- Tyralak

"Lee, Son of Col" <Spammers-suck-ldudley@ozemail.com.au> wrote in news:skXf9.4055$Sr6.138581@ozemail.com.au: > Supreme Commander Tyralak <NOSPAMjacoblandrum@earthlink.net> wrote in > message news:Xns928737EFB074jacoblandrumearthlin@ >> mikewongisgod@hotmail.com (RayCav) wrote in >> news:aa319b42.0209111521.23bfba72@posting.google.com: >> >> > Some people express their grief >> > Some people express through compassion >> > Some people express through hope >> > >> > >> > I have but one thing to say.... >> > >> > >> > SLAM OSAMA! >> > >> >> Perfect time to post this: >> >> www.quest.shorturl.com >> >> Enjoy! >> > You only prove my point further What point, you moronic Trollfucker? The one on the top of your head?

Quote #893 -- Iceberg

DickStar wrote: >Ha, ha! > >Wong, having run screaming from the idea of an evidence-based debate, has >chosen to ban me altogether. > >What's even funnier is that he revealed his own "secret identity" in the >process . . . he's been sneaking around as AdmiralKanos all this time. >Hmm . . . might have to go poking around in the threads to see how many >times he mysteriously agreed with himself. OK... Mike posts as the viewpoint character from his own fanfic that's been up for years (which is arguably one of the finest not just STvsSW fics but one of the finest crossover fics of ANY kind on the net)... and you're somehow SURPRISED that it's him? Besides the fact that AdmiralKanos is listed as the Admin (meaning the board owner and maybe 2-3 others), pretty much narrowing down the list of possible users of that name. You're 19 years old and still in first grade, aren't you, Scott? Don't lie. There is no human way that - barring major cranial disability - anyone could CONCEIVABLY not figure out that "Admiral Kanos" and "Darth Wong" were the same person. Except maybe in Star Trek. On second thought, maybe it's not so surprising after all... That just needed bringing up again, mostly to prove that "Yes, he REALLY IS that stupid." When I saw "AdmiralKanos" for the first time, what I was thinking was, "Why does Mike have two accounts?", not "Who is this AdmiralKanos guy?"...

Quote #894 -- Björn Paulsen

DickStar wrote: > Eleas wrote: > > > > I hear Irak can be lovely this time of year. > > It's "Iraq", and if I were there it would be to destroy it. It's Irak in many languages. Forgive me for rendering a phoneme correctly three in the morning in Swedish, you fucking idiot. I still come out well ahead of you, who couldn't construct a hermetic argument with paid workers and a bathtub full of glue. Woah. Even comparing myself to you in this small way is enough to make me physically ill.

Quote #903 -- Iceberg

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002 16:24:51 GMT, "DarkStar" <afinalunity@hotmail.com> wrote: >"Cmdrwilkens" <burnettr@comcast.net> wrote in message >news:an83i6$bhfqm$1@ID-97732.news.dfncis.de... >> In other words BOTH theories requires a tremendous "we don't know" to >> be palced in them with regards to the planar rings. > >In which case we must employ parsimony. I don't know who taught you science, boy, but they ought to be beaten bloody for letting a student go through with such a faulty understanding of basic concepts of science. Under the principle of parsimony, the theory with fewer unexplained phenomena wins. HINT: It isn't your theory. You'd better have some harder evidence than "MENTOK, THE MIND TAKER WILLS IT!" to back up your chain reaction theory, and you quite simply don't.

Quote #904 -- Wayne Poe

"Dalton" <rob@daltonator.net> wrote > So sorry nobody agrees with you. Want a hankie? He'd just jerk off in it so he'd have liquid soap for the week.

Quote #905 -- Iceberg

On Sat, 26 Oct 2002 23:20:11 GMT, "C.S.Strowbridge" <csstrowbridge@shaw.ca> wrote: >DarkStar wrote: >> "C.S.Strowbridge" wrote: <snip> >>>Sending a letter to the editor is giving implicit permission to publish >>>that letter. >> >> Around here, they *tell you in advance*. Informed consent . . . not implied >> or tacit. > >Around here? You're in the States. Canada and the US have the same laws >when it comes to this shit. What he means by "Around here" is "In Bunghole, MS, where the average IQ is 75, so they have to spell everything out explicitly so people don't kill themselves on a regular basis."

Quote #960 -- Kynes

Darkstar vomited: >Then your lack of argument equals admission of defeat quite nicely, >especially since I've blown this idea out of the water several times before. The only thing you've ever blown is a plastic inflatable Roddenberry. Now fuck off.

Quote #966 -- Admiral Valdemar vs a Troll (SD.net)

Would it really hurt your reputation as a hatfucker to show a little tact every millenia or so? Perhaps you could start by making sense and then figure out where the nearest railbridge is, so you can then jump off it and into an oncoming freight train, thus relieving mother nature of the embarassment of creating you in the first place. And why do you come here if you say it is for faggots? Have you not decided on your gender or sexuality yet because your mother and father were too inbred to pass genitalia onto you or were you the result of a chemical spill in Yemen?

Quote #978 -- Pablo Sanchez

On Mon, 03 Mar 2003 19:30:36 +0000, Deimos Anomaly <samjamieson@btopenworld.com> wrote: > From the "Shit list" thread: [snip] What you're saying is that you're being wronged, because one of the reasons on Wong's LOOOONG list of rules that you violated is slightly incorrect in a way that no one but you would detect. Let's boil that down further. At the basic level, you're an asshole. I sure didn't see that one coming. Thanks for the headsup, Mr. D. Maybe your next post will explain how the barcode on boxes of Captain Crunch is a U.N. plot to rob you of your rights.

Quote #999 -- Björn Paulsen (SDnet)

Morat wrote: >I'm sorry. I assumed that it was so obvious that a frog isn't going to sit around >in water at lethal temperatures that I didn't think posting a source was needed. >However, since you clearly know nothing about biology, here you go: Thank you for successfully disproving the urban legend I used as an analogy to describe my emotional state. You really got me there, sport.

Quote #1000 -- Björn Paulsen (SDnet)

Uther wrote: >I might be wrong, but this quote could easily apply to the original post. > >It's not nice to spew anecdotes, especially when they hurt my feelings (me being >an American and all.) Ohhh... telling anecdotes isn't nice? I suppose movies aren't allowed either then. Or writing books, or reading them. I'm sure the Government approves of your particular take on the Thought Police. Hey, what do you know, I even came up with a slogan: "Loose Lips Make You Look Like A Muslim - Don't Tell Any Stories At All"! *happily ticks off another point on the "verified redneck stereotypes" chart*

Quote #1001 -- Björn Paulsen vs. Uther (SDnet)

Ah, the Boy Wonder returns. Punctual as clockwork and twice as predictable.

Quote #1007 -- Lonestar vs a troll (SDnet)

qwertyuiop, as indicated by perhaps the most creative net handle in the history of Humankind, you are perhaps one of the most stupid sumbitches I have ever seen. You rate up there with the extremes of stupidity, proving that just because you figured out what the O- button on the computer does, you don't have to have the brains of a retarded eggplant. Go Back to the deep dank stench of stupidity from which you came. I'm sure youe brillant commentary dazzles the groundlings over at godhatesfags.com. One last thing, congradulations on figuring out SARS came from Hong Kong, which was in Asia. I guess they must have had an article in this month's Cracker Ingeniuity.

Quote #1017 -- Ender vs Andrew Joshua Talon (SDnet)

How cute, I made an enemy. If you mattered, I'd try to fit you into my schedule.

Quote #1020 -- RedImperator (SDnet)

Originally vomited by spaceluigi: > Obviously. This forum is filled with pro Star Wars people who will refuse to > believe that Trek could smash Star Wars. They claim they use science to back > their arguments, but all they do is rant on the Trek supporters to prove the > argument with science. I'VE NEVER SEEN A PRO STAR WARS POST BACKED WITH > SCIENCE! > > PS: If all you do is pro Star Wars, why have a Star Trek vs. Star Wars web > page? Can you read? Seriously--either you're illiterate or you're suffering some kind of massive cognitive disorder to NOT see the science on this board or on the main site. Jesus Q. Christ, SD.net is bowl of fucking logic ravioli stuffed with engineering in a science sauce. Either you are, like your title suggests, a worthless trolling palm-fucker who likes to make idiotic claims the way four year olds like to hit housepets with garden tools, or your braincase is stuffed with broken glass and old newspapers and you can't outthink the protein-soaked Kleenexes in my wastepaper basket. Either way, you're wasting perfectly good electricity being on this board, and you're in serious need of professional help. Sadly, the professional who could do you and the rest of the world the most good, Dr. Kevorkian, is indisposed at the moment. I suggest you fire up your E-Z Bake oven and try to come up with fun new recipes using bottles from the back of the medicine cabinet and whatever you can find under the sink. If that doesn't help, cut two eyeholes in your bedsheet and stroll through your nearest ghetto with it over your head. One of these methods will assuredly solve everyone's problems.

Quote #1027 -- Chuck

"PiCkLE WeAsEl" <v_2watkd@hotmail.com> wrote in message news:3a6uav08t836eo2j754jjjbaolok7s1n75@4ax.com... > I'm Glad I beat guy's like you up in HighSchool And just how many 6'3" football players did you beat up? Or do you have the pitifully outdated worldview that muscles and brains are mutually exclusive? The difference between you and me is that I hold to the Greek principle of a sound mind in a sound body, while you hold to the Greek principle of getting fucked in the ass. Now run along, I'm speaking to people whose career aspirations are greater than wearing a paper hat.

Quote #1044 -- Eleas vs. NecronLord

Your 'arguments' are as dead as doornails. > As for ejecting you, We don't ban people for being > stupid around here. we do however VI them. Then somebody has made a mistake, 'cause apparently it says you're a moderator. In other words, it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black, you pathetic sycophant. Yes, I don't even bother debating you, because there's nothing left to debate. I just jumped in when I noticed your growing stupidity, and I no longer even try to understand who the fuck made you a moderator. Your credibility is gone - you murdered it. And all that's left is you standing naked and greased up in the middle of an all-male cell trying desperately to cover yourself with the last tattered remains of your so-called "standing".

Quote #1053 -- Wayne Poe vs Dorkstar

You see, the truly sad fact about all of this is those that have to type 100,000 word rebuttals of existing quotes in an attempt to sway the less intelligent into believing their view of the world.

Quote #1054 -- Wayne Poe vs Dorkstar

DarkStar wrote: >However, I am not interested in spin-doctoring, Frame this quote, folks. This is like saying Warren Zevon is a little under the weather today.

Quote #1055 -- Wayne Poe vs. Dorkstar

Robbie, you may think you're being clever with these reinterpretations of yours, but the sad fact of the matter is, you're not even ORIGINAL. Timothy Jones tried it before you, Paul Jaques tried it before you, many others tried to mimic these two brain trusts. You're just the latest dupe. But I really hope you continue your website. It helps mine out tremendously. Almost every week, I get an e-mail criticizing my website, saying "You MUST be making these arguments up, no Trekkie is this stupid." Now all I have to do is refer them to YOUR website, and I get a letter of apology.

Quote #1056 -- Wayne Poe vs. Dorkstar

>Now Wayne, there's no need to go switching accounts in the middle of a >discussion. Now Robbie, don't go Sherlock Holmes on us again and proclaim that your diligent detective work has uncovered Moriarity Wong in the guise of Admiral Kanos, when the entire board, except you, knew Mike used two accounts. Barnabas Collins has been active for a couple years now, and everyone knows its me. In this case, me at work between billling and driving.

Quote #1057 -- Wayne Poe vs. Dorkstar

If I made any errors, it would be assuming you had a brain to speak of inside your cranium instead of a Nerf football in heavy syrup.

Quote #1058 -- Wayne Poe vs. Dorkstar

Robbie, can't you stay on topic? If you held the SWI "in your hand", then how can you fail to notice Sansweet's title on the magazine as "Lucasfilm Editor"? That's a far cry from your label of a professional collector. OOps, the truth rears its ugly head again. Perhaps when you next "hold something in your hand", you'll see the reality of the two-inch killer instead of the lightsaber you imagine.

Quote #1059 -- Wayne Poe vs. Dorkstar

So you're not familiar with the sidebar, you're not familiar with the preface of the arrticle, and you're not familiar with the official title Sansweet holds on the magazine, on the contents page. Yet as you say, you "held it in your hands"? That doesn't say much for your observational skills, does it? Here's a hint: don't just look a the purty pictures, Robbie.

Quote #1060 -- Wayne Poe vs. Dorkstar

As usual, you deflect what was said into irrelevant territory that has nothing to do with the point. This isn't your website; remember that.

Quote #1061 -- Wayne Poe vs. Dorkstar

Then why do you turn such a blind eye to current information, Robbie? A Star Wars Insider isn't THAT hard to find. You can walk into a book store and take a look. You won't even have to BUY one!

Quote #1062 -- Wayne Poe vs. Dorkstar

Yes, seems like I'm the only one here able to present the facts of the matter. Good thing I didn't "lose" the URL to Google...

Quote #1063 -- Wayne Poe vs. Dorkstar

After you plead poverty and suddenly can't find the magazine anywhere, nor can any of your alleged supporters supply you with verification, you asked for a scan, which I provided in post 120, Then of course, you went off like a mental patient. You don't believe a very recent quote from Hyperspce I provided. Well sorry, Robbie. I can scan you a copy of a $20 dollar bill for you to check yourself, but I don't think sw.com will accept it... So now you need a scan of Reynold's article? Are you now saying I lied an that the article now dosn't exist? You need to TAKE that Prozac, Robbie. Your toy hypospray doesn't REALLY work, you know...

Quote #1064 -- MKSheppard (SBcom)

Mister Oragahn wrote: >Basically, making the EU non canon means that unless you precise that >it is accepted I can't make heads or tails of your sentence there. Next time, pay more attention to English 101 in school, rather than reading DARKSTAR COLOR IN THE NUMBER COLORING BOOKS. >You don't make any efforts, you like Howedar any various other people, >who's surprised by reading a quote from the SW Encyclopedia like if it >was the first time it was presented to the public, when in fact it was >already available at Darkstar's site. If Darkstar told me the sky was blue, I'd get a second opinion and go look for myself. He is a known and inveterate liar, and I wouldn't put it above him to subtly alter quotes just to win against the evil warsie conspiracy.

Quote #1209 -- Wayne Poe

"mike3" <mike4ty4@yahoo.com> wrote > I don't care how much you disagree with, NOTHING > gives you the right to insult anyone. I could present > a formal paper defining my compelte theory and all > the damning evidence, you could reject it as much > as you want, but just because you would reject it > doesn't give you the right to insult. Once you accept > that, then I will leave. Please go fuck yourself with Scooter's index finger. You singlehandedly put the "dumb" in "motherfucker".

Quote #1068 -- Wayne Poe

Concession Accepted, Robbie. You're like a Salem witch that brings her own kindling to her trial.

Quote #1155 -- RedImperator (SDnet)

BlkbrryTheGreat: Proposing theories, when you have no data to base them on, is bad science.... RedImperator: Thank you for the tip, professor. Do you have anything useful to add now, or will you be shutting your fucking cakehole?

Quote #1181 -- RedImperator (SDnet)

HDS: Now I'm leaving because this topic is infuriating, RedImperator: Yes, I imagine losing the same argument over and over must get frustrating.

Quote #1211 -- Rob Wilson

mike3 wrote: > "rob.wn5" <rob.wn5getridofthis@ntlworld.com> wrote in message news:<5lZLc.617$DI4.164@newsfe3-gui.ntli.net>... > >> mike3 wrote: >> >>> Hi. >>> >>> You seem unwilling to accept my ideas. I am also unwilling to accept >>> yours. So let's just call it quits and DROP this now, okay? >>> >> >> Hang on, you post this and then go and continue your arguements anyway... Wow but that's just retarded. >> > > Personal attacks are not how one debates something. And don't EVER > call me stupid. In debating, one attacks the arguments, not the > person. That's why Wong and Darkstar's thing boiled over. They started > attacking each other. Bullshit, it boiled over because Dorkster couldn't admit he was a scientific ignoramus with a broken-record argument. It's telling that you seem to focus on the insults - despite them being well deserved - rather than the debate points that precede them. Here's a clue, take your head away from your fathers groin for five seconds and try to pay attention here - When someone says "The shockwaves happen after the explosion, so they couldn't be part of the cause, you inbred, rats semen receptacle." Then that is a valid point followed with an insult, therefore you still have to answer the valid point or you have conceded it. You don't like the insults, well tough shit fucknuts. Try understanding what people say to you and you won't get any! I only insulted you because you demonstrated you have a sub-human intllect and would probably struggle to understand a point een it it were hammered into your head with a sledgehammer. Do I hound Ryan S? No, he made a silly post (something all newbies do) but never needed the basic points of the argument explained to him 3 or more times. You don't like getting insulted? Don't act like a fucking retard then, and that includes posting a thread saying you are dropping an issue and then post about those issues. So far you have thoroughly earned the name IFD Ignorant Fucktard Disciple (of Dorkster), he must be so proud of how monumentally moronic your arguments and debate points are. How pleased he must be to see that his disciple is even more scientifically ignorant than he is. How do you remember to breathe?

Quote #1231 -- Durandal

I swear, we should map out the "Shep Canal," as the space over your head through which counterpoints to your moronic statements and arguments sail repeatedly.

Quote #1260 -- SirNitram vs Troll (SDNet)

SirNitram: No goat would willingly fuck you. Jessie Stamos: Not even the lonely one who none of the other goats will fuck? SirNitram: No, not even George, the Lonliest Goat.

Quote #1280 -- Wayne Poe

"mike3" <mike4ty4@yahoo.com> wrote > Why is insulting not acceptable? Because home schooled, Fundie shut-ins who have all the tenacity of feces soiled one-ply toilet paper can't stand up to the fact that not everyone lives in fantasyland like they do. > No matter how much you disagree with a person, no matter how much you > don't like them IN ANY WAY, that does not justify intentionally hurting > them. Bullshit, Pedro. I love hurting those I don't care for. Save the "love thy neighbor" shit for alt.i.want.to.blow.jesus > It isn't right to go and stab someone with a knife just because you don't > like it Now why would I stab someone if I didn't like it? > you probably agree that would be very wrong. Fuck no. Stabbing someone is the single most rewarding experience next to running them over with a car. Snoogans! > Insulting is wrong for the same reason You equate stabbing with insults? What kind of pussy are you? Let me guess; you were brought up with no father in the house, right? > Whenever something is done to deliberately cause harm to a person, either > physically or to their feelings, it is morally wrong. Don't label the rest of the group with your limp-wristed view of morality, twatboy. I find it morally reprehensible for someone to preach to me. Stalemate. > Simply not liking a person is certainly no grounds for doing them harm. Let me tell you something. If my distaste for that fucking idiot Darkstar does him any mental harm whatsoever, I will hold a party nightly for myself. Asswipe.

Quote #1361 -- Wayne Poe to Elim Garak

Too bad. If they're my fantasies, I can bend you over a Miata and ram a telephone pole up your ass, and you'd have no say in the matter.

Quote #1396 -- StarshipTitanic

Spanky: This probably could have been posted in the already existing thread about the finale rather than having a new thread. StarshipTitanic: Why don't you use your moderator powers to merge them? Spanky: Why don't you just jump up my ass. StarshipTitanic: There's a pole in my way.

Quote #1410 -- SirNitram

Montcalm: Maybe cause it doesn't sound like it came from a Gangstah/Rapper Confused SirNitram: Riiiight. You will find they tend not to be as creative as 'Fucktard', 'asshat' and 'Crack smoking donkey fucker'. Montcalm: Try to say any insult like Troglodyte etc....how many of those can you come up with? Wink SirNitram: More than insipid, neanderthalic whiners like you, childling. Just because you're too infantile to handle a few uncouth phrases, does not mean the rest of society needs to slither to match you inabilities. It's a pity your male; you're about on par for donating to society as a trollop, but unfortunately, your birth means you don't even offer up that minimal contribution. In short, you inbred, lawyer encrusted, drivelling, insensate, banal, subnormal, vulgar, swine. I would sooner kiss a lawyer than see what you would think is a 'competent insult'. Unfortunately, I suspect you'll submit the board to this travesty, so fetch Stravo. No tongue.

Quote #1421 -- drachefly (SDN)

Way to make a brain-dead theory then use it to mistakenly conclude that I'm a fucktarded assmonkey. Or did you decide to judge despite not even knowing what a patronymic was? Next time your stomach rebels against your coprophagous habits and prompts you to regurgitate something that dumb, resist the urge.

Quote #1427 -- Stuart Mackey

You can suck my gigantic, swinging monkey cock. If you fucking have something to say to me, don't you fucking say it then lock the goddamned thread, chickenshit. Furthermore, I don't need you to be my fucking babysitter, shithead. If I want to edit Mr. asshat's userpage to say he sucks massive whale dicks, gargles the sperm and uses it as hemorrhoid cream, that's my goddamned prerogative. If you're hard up to act like someone's goddamned daddy, go find yourself a suitably fat and disgusting landbarge to cram your meat-toothpick into and wait nine months.

Quote #1428 -- Wayne Poe to IxJac

Oh, so you mean that if I say you fuck your mother with a spiked tipped boot sideways up her ass while your father violates you with a rolled up copy of the Star Trek Tech Manual as you blow the family dog, I'm am a master wordsmith? Book me at the Laugh Factory, Kynes! I have a new career!

Quote #1429 -- Kynes

Bullshit, O'Brien is not a tactical officer, he's a starship engineer. He has no reason to know anything about weapons properties vs. neutronium. That's like asking you what a girl's breast feels like.

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