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Quote #1388 -- Pablo Sanchez -- Quotable Posts

Pablo Sanchez: If anybody cares, I'm going to be incommunicado for 5-7 days starting Thursday. Dalton: Everyone stay extra alert of your personal security and don't accept any propositions from mysterious men with Spanish accents. I learned that the hard way. Pablo Sanchez: 'ey mang, joo wanna buy like a new Lexus GS 2005? My cousin Ram?n, his girl got it for his birthday but, uh, he like got a Porsche now, so he juss sellin this one, Holmes. And he like lost his keys, so that's why the window is broken and there's a screwdriver jammed in the ignition, but joo could get that fixed real cheap. My other cuz, Jes?s, he like owns a body shop and he can cut jouoa deal. You're not a cop or nothin, are joo Holmes?

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