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I have to admit it something I don't quite get. If it's a diary shouldn't it be private? And if it's just a collection of things you did, then surely it only means something to the people you did them with... and if you're appraising distant friends of things that happened then write an E-mail and CC it. I doubt Debi's is as dire as some of the ones I've happened across before now (if they are the same things). But they just strike me as superfluous : Today I ate toast, I burnt it which made me sad. Woe is life as my mood becomes as black as my toast. No one understands the pain of having to eat toast that is not perfectly brown. Haiku to Toast. When bread is too hot, and thermometer is faulty. Darkness enters my life. My life is like the toast and 'I Toast' is an anagram of 'taoist'. How deep is that? Here's a Meme about what kind of toast you are. Linky. Having read about my toast terrors and empathised with my deep, deep pain, why not visit my Amazon wishlist and get me a new toaster and maybe a DVD player and a whole load of DVD's as well.

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