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When you're sending a rebate form to a total stranger hundreds of miles away, don't abbreviate the Goddamn name of your street! Believe it or not, I haven't memorized the name of every crack alley and donkey trail in North America, so if you want to save your fucking five dollars, write the whole fucking name of your fucking street, otherwise it's getting tagged noncompliance and sent to The Bin. Good fucking luck then. While we're on the subject, a zip code has 5 digits, and they're all important. And make sure you get them in the right fucking order, for Christ's sake. And for fuck's sake, when you're trying to get total strangers to send you money, how about you write neat enough so that I can fucking read it? Here's the deal: if I can't decypher your sub-legible pen spasms after 15 seconds, you're getting tagged non-compliance and sent to the Bin. You want your fucking check, try not writing like a Parkinson's victim. Jesus fucking Christ. 4 years of college and $80,000, and this is my life.

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