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It must've been some good cheese - that mushroom's talking to me. And it says its name is Ryan Spickard > "The Baron" <> wrote in message > > > > So I watched that Futurama episode where Fry drank 100 cups of coffee > > and was able to move super fast and stuff so I decided to recreate > > that and have hit 52 cups so far and going strong > > woooowoowoowowowwooooo! > > > Oh yeah, thats a good idea... " A scotsman was found dead in mysterious circumstances today. Neighbours were first alerted by the strong odour of coffee coming from the deceased's first floor flat, and a warm brown liquid dripping through into the flat below. His partner has been so grief-stricken by this tragic accident that for the last three days she has only been able to say the first syllable of his name..."baah" "

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