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[Context: Sea Skimmer was seriously injured in Houston] Originally posted by Beowulf: > > Originally posted by neoolong: >> That sucks. Hopefully some beautiful women will take pity on you and lavish >> you with attention. > > (Note to self: Send beautiful women to take pity on and lavish attention on > the Great Leader) *phone rings* Hello? You need me to do what? Fans and grapes, eh? And with whom am I to be--Oh, right, Kelly Antilles. Have you already called her? It's ok, I can get in touch with her. Uh huh. And this is for whom, again? Oh, the poor dear, that's awful. Well, just ask him what costumes he'd like and we'll be there as soon as we can. Do you think he'd mind if we brought other members of SoS:NBA too? Ok, well, I'll get right on that. Ok. No, no, thank you , Beowulf. I'll be sure to figure in your discount when I send the bill. Uh huh. Have a lovely day yourself. Bye! *hangs up phone* Kellllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeee.........!!

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