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Quote #1018 -- Andrew Joshua Talon, Darkstar Sychophant Extraordinaire?? -- Quotable Posts

Go back to your butt scratching routines, asshole. To all it may concerned: I support Darkstar! I'm tired of being a collaborator, I'm tired of being oppressed by a bunch of shitheaded, ignorant, imperial bastards who have turned this site into "Nazism 3.0", and I'm tired of YOU scum of the Universe ignoring EVERYTHING that makes sense in physics and mathematics just so you can pick on a show you don't like! Darkstar's math is not only better than any of yours, he's smarter, more eloquent, and wittier than any of YOU quasi-theocratic heathans! May you and your Empire rot in the depths of Ignorance and Death! And yes, Wong, I think Darkstar kicked your ass in your debates. Flame me, bakas. Go on. I no longer fear you. And besides, the worst that can happen is that Wong kicks me off the site, and where will that get him? Long Live the Federation and all freedom loving peoples...

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