What's New - 1999


- Added the ChuckG memorial Archive

- Added a page showing where we live

- Added the poll "The Ultimate Badass vs. The Klingon"

- Added several serious threads to the ChuckG Memorial Archive.


- Added a new fanfic - "Revenge and Loyalty"

- Added Chapter 4a to "Imperial Phoenix"

- Added Chapter 7 to "Expansion"

- Added Chapter 14 to "Conquest"

- Added a new fanfic - "Lt. HIT-MAN's Fanfic Showcase Review 2"

- Added Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 to "Worlds Without End"

- Added a new fanfic - "Saber's Fury"

- Added a new fanfic - "Domination"

- Added Episode 2 to "May the Force be with Q"

- Updated the TGOD system completely and added a few new threads

- Added a new section - "Serious Discussion"

- Added "Star Wars Monopoly" to the Humor section

- Moved the links (with their graphics banners) to a separate page to speed up 
loadtime for the main story index.


- First update in a Month!

- Overhauled the site's visual content. Much better now...

- Added the final chapter to "The Outpost"

- Did the most up to date versions of BA - Prelude
                                      BA - Battle of Sol
                                      BA - Where Angels Fear to Tread

- Added several new chapters to "Galaxy of War"; now at Ch 12.

- Added Chapters 12 & 13 to "Conquest"

- Added Chapters 3 & 4 to "The Vortex"

- Added a new Fanfic, "Worlds Without End"

- Added a new Fanfic, "Little Red Riding Hood"

- Added a new Fanfic, "Offtime"

- Added a new Fanfic, "May the Force Be With Q!"

- Added a new section - the Humor one.

- Added a new humorous fic, "Career Planning"

- Added a new humorous fic, "Imperial Cheeseburger"

- Added a new humorous fic, "Multiple Choice Essay"

- Added a new humorous fic, "Picard vs. Tarkin"

- Added a new humorous fic, "Top Ten reasons to be an Imperial"

- Added a new humorous fic, "Top Ten Best things about being 
                             Emperor Palpatine"


- Added Battleground Alpha to the Expanded IP universe

- Added a new fanfic, "Galaxy of War"

- Added a new fanfic, "Where Angels Fear to Tread"

- Added a new fanfic, "LT. HIT-Man's fanfic showcase Review"

- Added Chapter 2 to "The Vortex"

- Added the IST3K episode: 
  "The Second Season ([Tactics] Defiant vs. an ISD]"

- Added "The Good Old Days" archive.


-Added a new fanfic, "The Vortex"

-Added a new fanfic, "Lt. HIT-MAN's Journal"

-Added a new fanfic, "Federation's End"

-Added an as-yet unnamed fanfic by Jonathan Boyd


-Added the Imperial March in both MP3 and MIDI form to the site. 

-Added additional picture to Chapter 10 of "Conquest"

-Added Chapter 11 in "Conquest"


-Slight Overhaul of the visual style of the site.

-Added graphical banners for Poe and Wong's sites.

-Added Chapters 5-6 to "Expansion"

-Added a new fanfic, "Janeway's Surprise"

-Added a new fanfic, "Pawn or Thrawn"

-Added Chapters 9-10 to "Conquest"

-Changed the way you view "Conquest"


-REALLY changed main index page layout away from Geocities'

-Went over EVERY page and fixed broken links.

-Overhaul of site to updated visual style complete.

-Added a link to Wong's site

-Added a link to Poe's site

-Added a link to alt.startrek.vs.starwars

-Added "Captain Vegard Valberg" to "Who's Who & What's What"

-Added "Commander James Croyd" to "Who's Who & What's What"

-Added "Commander Katherine Brescoe" to "Who's Who & What's What"

-Added "Captian Ian Valberg" to "Who's Who & What's What"

-Fixed Spelling error I made in Phong's name in his Bio


-Changed main index page layout from Geobuilder to Microsoft
 Frontpage Express; easier to edit and can edit offline now.

-Added "Lt. Hit-Man" to "Who's Who & What's What"

-Added "Lt. Cmdr Phong Ngyuen" to "Who's Who & What's What"

-Added "Pilak Clan" to "Who's Who & What's What"


-Added "USS Defiant" to "Who's Who & What's What"

-Added "Quantum Turret" to "Who's Who & What's What"

-Added "Pulse Phaser Cannon" to "Who's Who & What's What"

-Changed "Who's Who & What's What" layout from a Geobuilder
 one to a Microsoft Frontpage Express one; easier & can edit
 offline now.


-Added "USS Hood" to "Who's Who & What's What" 

-Added "Quantum Torpedoes" to "Who's Who & What's What"


-Added Chapters 2-4 to "Expansion"

-Added Chapter 3 to "Total War"

-Added a new fanfic: "The Outpost"

-Added a new fanfic: "Mara Jade, the Borg Slayer"

-Added a new fanfic: "Oath of the Jedi"


-Added Chapter 8 of Mike Wong's unnamed Fanfic

-Added the final chapters of "The Hunt"

-Added a new fanfic: "Total War"

-Added a new fanfic: "Expansion"

-Added a new fanfic: "Lt. HIT-MAN vs. Worf"


-Finished Admiral Sheppard's Bio

-Finished Commander Yates's Bio


-Added the "What's New" section

-Updated "The Hunt" to Ch 1-10

-Updated "Wormholes" to Ch 1-3

-Added "Grand Admiral Thrawn vs. Q" fanfic

-Added "Borg and Deathstar" Fanfic

-Added "Borg and Deathstar Mk 2" fanfic


-Added line drawings of ships to the "Whats What and Who's Who" section.

-Worked on Adm. Sheppard's Bio