What's New - 2003

 16 December 2003 - Another Mini-Update - update by Dalton @ 14:51 EST
- This is just another mini-update to fix a couple of broken links and update a few stories.

--> The links to "A Bond of Faith" and Rise of the Empire (RTF) on the GSDA voting form have been fixed. Special thanks go out to Singular Quartet on SD.net.

--> I've added chapter 39 of Chuck's Paradise Lost.

--> Stravo posted chapter 66 of Starcrossed.

--> GSDA nominee Rise of the Empire (RTF) by Knife (Cody Croft) from SDnet has been added to Miscellaneous.

 15 December 2003 - Archive Update + GSDAs - update by Dalton @ 4:59 EST
- Alright, folks, here we go. GSDAs! But first, some fanfic updates:

--> My man Chuck Sonnenburg has posted three new chapters of the long-dormant Paradise Lost.

--> Stravo adds on to Animatrix: Cain and Abel and The Twilight War.

--> And in Miscellaneous there are two new short pieces by Singular Quartet called Craziness and Love.

NOW, we can get on with the voting for the GSDAs! You can post your ballot here. The voting period will last from tonight (12/15/03 at 0500 hours) until two weeks from now (12/29/03 at 0500 hours). One ballot per person, please vote for whichever categories you feel comfortable voting for, and please remember that each vote will be validated.

Get voting!

 7 December 2003 - GSDA Nominations - update by Dalton @ 0:55 EST
- Nominations are closed. Each category has between three and six nominees, which is alright.

They would have had more, but people seemed to think that StarCrossed was eligible for most of the awards it was nominated for this year. Since it won 15 last year, it wasn't, and I had to remove the nominations from the ballot.

Voting will start soon.

 6 December 2003 - GSDA Nominations - update by Dalton @ 23:32 EST
- The time to submit your nomination ballots is drawing to a close, folks, and as of right now I've received a total of fifteen nominations, most of them incomplete.

Please submit a nomination ballot.

 6 December 2003 - Mini-Update #1 - update by Dalton @ 18:16 EST
- Some exciting news today. Chuck Sonnenburg returns!

--> Chuck has returned with a fixed computer and chapter 35 of Paradise Lost! Get to it!

--> And in WTF Fics we have another chapter of Domination.

--> Plus, we have two new fanfics in Crossovers; a new one from SDnetter GrandAdmiralThrawn called Tread Lightly Where Angels Fear to Tread and one from newbie Eric Upp called The Merging.

 3 December 2003 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 9:52 EST
- Pretty big update today. Light on fics, but big nonetheless for more than one reason.

--> Before I get to the meat of the update, please remember that the nominations period for the GSDAs ends this Saturday, so remember to put in your nominations.

--> The Crossovers, Miscellaneous and Fanfic Pilots sections have all been shuffled up and reorganized. I've moved a whole chunk of dusty old unfinished fanfics to the new Bargain Bin section, which replaces Fanfic Pilots and cuts down on the sheer volume in the Crossovers section, which itself has been reorganized with finished stories on the bottom. And in Miscellaneous, old fics have been pruned and everything else reorganized into loose sections.

--> As for fanfic updates...well, Stravo has more Starcrossed, Twilight War and Cain and Abel.

--> Also, in WTF Fanfics we have chapter 6 of CaptainSheridan's Ashes of the Galaxy...and in a momentous occasion - raise the banners and sound the fanfare - it's Chapter 50 of Baron Kenneth von Lowe's seminal masterpiece...Domination.

That's it. Remember to put in your nominations.

 27 November 2003 - 2003 GSDA Nominations - update by Dalton @ 21:31 EST
- It's about time.

Go here to nominate your favorite fanfics. Nomination period ends at 11:59PM Saturday, December 6, 2003.

 22 November 2003 - Archive Compression Begins - update by Dalton @ 16:22 EST
- I've begun compressing some of the larger finished stories into gzips. You shouldn't need any special software to read stories now, if I'm correct in assuming that gzip will decompress on the fly off of the archive.

Among the gzipped stories are Mike Wong's PDF of Conquest, all of Mike January's works, most of Chuck's finished stories and several other large odds and ends, including Domination.

Future cosmetic changes will also be coming soon as I prune the Archive and reorganize some stuff. Also, the GSDA nominations period is going to start real, real soon or else I'm gonna be lynched.

Oh, you might have noticed two new names on the index page: Kuja and Ace Pace. Both are SDnetters who have volunteered their services for the Archive: Kuja has offered to help me with GSDAs this year given Chuck's apparent absence, and Ace Pace is now an editor working under Rob Wilson. I'll be updating the Staff page as soon as I can as well as adding email addresses at their discretion.

 17 November 2003 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 2:04 EST
- Before I begin tonight's update, I just want to pass along some very sad news for us at ASVS and SD.net. A member of the board and newsgroup, known by the names John Healey, Austin Sweevo and CmdrSweevo, unfortunately passed away several days ago after a tragic accident. We at the archive offer our sincerest condolences to his friends and family.

It seems cold to continue onwards with this update, and I apologize if it seems that way.

--> First, because of the sheer size of the story, Starcrossed has been sliced up into six separate pieces so far of ten chapters each. The latest four chapters can be found here and here. Also, due to this division, Stravo has received his own section in the Archive, which can be found here. There's also some new stuff in Twilight War, The Animatrix: Cain and Abel and Split Infinity.

--> Lo and behold, two new chapters of Mike Wong's very cool second story Reign of Terror in his section.

--> An update out of the blue...as it turns out Rob Wilson's junior editor Ace Pace went through and cleaned up Mike January's work The Empire Scouts Out the Federation.

--> Three chapters of Tides of Fire have been edited in Big Steve Fanfics.

--> In Crossover Fanfics, two new stories from StarDestroyer writers: Thirty Years Warning by Consequences and Planet of Dying Dreams 1: Escape from San Francisco, an RTF from Darth Fanboy.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics, the first three chapters of Pablo Sanchez's new story Le Mort Homme.

--> Two updates in WTF Fics: A lot more of Kuja's humor piece How Stravo Got His Groove Back and a new story from Grand Admiral Thrawn/CaptainSheridan called Ashes of the Galaxy.

As for GSDAs, expect the nominations to begin soon. I've been finalizing the categories with my partner in crime Kuja, so please stand by.

 11 November 2003 - Next update, and GSDAs - update by Dalton @ 4:32 EST
- Hey all. My life has been busy of late, ever since Halloween and the job at MSNBC. However, there'll be a new archive update very shortly, not to mention information on the next GSDAs.

Hang in there!

 10 October 2003 - Twilight War - update by Dalton @ 13:01 EDT
- I appended Chapter 11 of Cain and Abel to the end of chapter 10 of Twilight War. I have since fixed this thanks to the sharp eyes of a reader whose name I don't remember since I accidentally bounced his email; you know who you are. :)

 6 October 2003 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 0:12 EDT
- Grab your Oktoberfest beer steins and strap in, we have a load of fanfic coming your way...

--> First off, Marina O'Leary has Chapter the Thirteenth of the very long De Imperatoribus Galacticis.

--> Chuck Sonnenburg returns with the long-awaited 34th installment of Paradise Lost.

--> For all you readers of Steve Garrett we have chapters 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 of Scorched Earth: Tides of Fire.

--> More Stravo goodness for all you fans out there...three new chapters of the ever-inflating Starcrossed and chapter 10 of Twilight War in Crossover Fanfics, as well as Chapters 2 and 3 of Judgment of Steel and three more chapters of Cain and Abel in Miscellaneous Fanfics.

--> Also in Miscellaneous Fanfics, a new story from Singular Quartet called Star Trek: Sojourner and two new serious fics from Kuja called The Bible Beater and The Scars You See, The Scars You Don't. Also from Kuja, a twisted take on SD.net culture called How Stravo Got His Groove Back in WTF?.

Aaaaand...ending tonight on a bit of a sad note, we have the final three chapters of Pablo Sanchez's rather messed-up masterpiece Suicide Squad in Miscellaneous Fanfics.

 20 September 2003 - Swen Virus - update by Dalton @ 18:30 EDT
- Hey folks. This isn't an Archive update (at least, not yet - there'll be one soon). This is just a short message to advise all of you to please scan your systems for the Swen virus. I myself have been receiving hundreds of emails that have had Swen attached to them, and as near as I can tell that means that someone involved with ASVS has this virus.

Please scan your box!

 19 August 2003 - Micro-Update #1 - update by Dalton @ 20:47 EDT
- I, uh, seem to have forgotten to update my illustrious Assistant's story Intergalactic Alliance. A Prelude to War is now at Chapter 13. Oh yah, it's by Crayz9000 and can be found in Story Arc Fanfics.

 18 August 2003 - Mini-Update #1 - update by Dalton @ 18:07 EDT
- Finally, some fresh blood :)

--> In Big Steve Fanfics, Steve Garrett finishes the first part of Our Story, called the Spiran Arc.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: Okay, well, a little more from Stravo in the form of Chapter 8 of Animatrix: Cain and Abel; IG-88E returns to SD.net as Kuja and presents another complete story called Test Pilot.

I've also removed the Archaic Browsers link from the front page. If you're still using a version 4 IE or Netscape browser, get out of the friggin' stone age already! There are plenty of decent, free web browsers out there. At least get a newer version of Netscape or Mozilla.

 13 August 2003 - Archive Update! - update by Dalton @ 2:14 EDT
- About time, you say? Well, the well has been dry. While meager, there is no lacking in quality for you Stravo fans out there, for today it's (mostly) him.

--> First off, though, I know there's several of you who've been following Steve Garrett. For you folks I have four more chapters of Scorched Earth. Here are chapters 10, 11, 12 and 13 of Tides of Fire.

--> In Crossover Fanfics we have more from Stravo. Four more chapters of Starcrossed, as well as two new chapters of The Twilight War.

--> In Miscellaneous we have a brand spanking new story from Stravo, already seven chapters long, called Animatrix: Cain and Abel. It's a Matrix/Terminator crossover.

--> Finally tonight we have chapter 4 of TK421 from WeeMadAndo in What the Fuck?

That's it for tonight. Expect another chapter of Marina O'Leary's De Imperatoribus Galacticis soon.

 6 August 2003 - The Next Update - update by Dalton @ 4:46 EDT
- The next update will be coming soon. Things have dried up lately at the newsgroup...

Next update is pretty much all Stravo.

 10 July 2003 - Mirror update - update by Crayz9000 @ 1:43 EDT
- Well, ok, not really an update, but anyway... The ASVSAA is back up at foobar.homelinux.net.

It's a direct mirror of the Archive as of the current, and I'll just do regular mirroring until I can be arsed to get around to making a database with a PHP front-end...

 25 June 2003 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 3:21 EDT
- Time for an archive update. Between the recent troll invasions and newbie influx at SD.net life's been a barrel of hemmorhoids. Let's get down to business.

--> First off, in Chuck Sonnenburg Fics: A new chapter of Paradise Lost.

--> In Big Steve Fanfics: Chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Battletech: Scorched Earth.

--> In Crossover Fanfics: Four chapters of StarCrossed and a new chapter of Twilight War from Stravo.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: A short story from IG-88E called Gundam Wing: Walker; Another "issue" of Split Infinity and a new Transformers story called Judgment of Steel from Stravo.

--> In Fanfic Challenges: Two new chapters of Raycav's Pirate's Endeavor.

--> In Humor: A true-life story from SD.net denizen Queeb Salaron as he squares off against a fundamentalist in Miscellaneous Humor and a short amusing piece called the Scots Menace Alert Scale from Chuck.

That's it for now.

 10 May 2003 - Micro Update #1 - update by Dalton @ 17:27 EDT
- The first of probably several micro-updates...another chapter of Kelly and Iggy's Perversions of the Force; chapter 6 of Twilight War from Stravo; Big Steve posts chapter 2 of Our Story to the BBS (it's an RTF).

That's it for now.

 8 May 2003 - Oh yeah - update by Dalton @ 3:44 EDT
- The Author Index is back.

 8 May 2003 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 3:37 EDT
- It's been a while. It turns out that Pu-239 didn't optimize as many pages as I thought, so there's no reason to hold off at the moment. Let's roll...

--> First off, in Essays: Lord Sander's Imperial Order of Battle.

--> Chuck raises the bar another notch with the end of Paradise Lost Act II and the beginning of Paradise Lost Act III.

--> In Big Steve Fanfics: Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of Scorched Earth: Tides of Fire.

--> In Crossover Fanfics: A new story from Setesh called Legacy of the Sith; Stravo surprises with more Starcrossed and posts two more chapters of Twilight War.

--> In Miscellaneous Humor: More Kelly and Iggy fun in Perversions of the Force; more Deceiver from Ando; a one-off Culture story from Singular Quartet called Infinite Fun; another issue of Stravo's comic book fic Split Infinity.

--> In Humor: Paradox's take on Middle-Earth Newspapers in Miscellaneous Humor; Chuck turns 30 and confuses us all.

Finally tonight, Chuck MiSTs a strange post to ASVS in MiSTings.

 30 April 2003 - Archive News - update by Dalton @ 19:36 EDT
- It's been a while since the last update, and for good reason. Pu-239 from Stardestroyer.net's BBS has sort of signed on as the Archive Web Guru, and he's been busy optimizing the pages. As soon as I am able I will be replacing the old pages with the optimized ones, but that won't happen for a few days because of other real-life obligations.

Expect the next update sometime next week.

 27 March 2003 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 17:37 EST
- There have been several changes to the Archive, most notably the removing of the "ratings" column from all pages. This system was outdated and fairly useless; expect in the future to see a ratings/review index in the Reviews section. Also, the Authors page has been temporarily removed due to outdated links; this happened when I shuffled the Archive directory structure. Now, to get your minds off the war...on with the show!

--> First off, the reason for the delay...Chapter 12 of Marina O'Leary's latest, De Imperatoribus Galacticis.

--> Chuck Sonnenburg comes back strong with two amazing chapters of Paradise Lost Act II.

--> Big Steve has authorized me to start putting up his masterwork, entited Battletech: Scorched Earth #1, Tides of Fire. The first three chapters are here, here and here.

--> In Crossovers: A new story from Matt Huang called Star Empires; four more chapters of the ever-growing StarCrossed and one more of Twilight War from Stravo.

--> Just one update in Story Arcs tonight, and that's Chapter 7 of Ensign Jimmy's Outbound Flight.

--> In Misc. Fanfics, noted SDnet denizens Kelly Antilles and IG-88E make their first appearance with the critically-acclaimed award-winning hardcore pornfic Perversions of the Force. Just to reiterate: This is adult material! Read at your own risk ;)
Also in Miscellaneous, chapter 7 of Pablo Sanchez's sleeper hit, shoulda-won-something story Suicide Squad, plus a new story (and a new idiom: Comic book fiction) from Stravo called Split Infinity.

Finally tonight, you only get one small injection of TEH FUNY, in the form of another FCNA post from Iceberg, over in Humor Series.

Hope I didn't miss anything. Mail me with any problems!

 17 March 2003 - Next Update - update by Dalton @ 6:52 EST
- The next update will be coming soon, once Marina gets Chapter the Twelfth of De Imperatoribus Galacticis back from her editor. Next update expect more of Paradise Lost, StarCrossed and the wildly popular erotic fanfic Perversions of the Force from Chuck, Stravo and Kelly Antilles. Also, keep an eye out for Big Steve's MechWarrior epic Scorched Earth: Tides of Fire.

 2 March 2003 - Updates Complete - update by Dalton @ 21:50 EST
- The Archive reorganization is finished. However, it has caused one problem; all the links in the "What's New" pages are now pretty much invalid, so you'll have to navigate yourself if you're looking for a particular fic.

Also, Big Steve now has a new section, which will soon be added to. His section is here.

If you find any invalid links, please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks!

 2 March 2003 - "What the Hell?" - update by Dalton @ 21:33 EST
- If any of you were browsing tonight, you might have noticed a hell of a lot of 404s. The reason is that I've beenreorganizing the Archive, and now I'm uploading the results. Please bear with me!

 18 February 2003 - Website Plagiarization Alert... - update by Dalton @ 15:57 EST
- Attention Babylon-5 fans! Our little community is in an uproar. Apparently some complete assclown at DracoAlliance has blatantly plagiarized (this link is now dead...) B5tech.com among many, many other sites. You can find more information here.

Fresh news: the plagiarized portions are apparently gone, but the owner of the website has had the gall to actually threaten legal action on the person he ripped off from! More info above.

 17 February 2003 - Micro Update #2 - update by Dalton @ 1:51 EST
- OK, I've added some stuff from Big Steve to Miscellaneous Fanfics: Dark Crossroads chapters Two and Three, as well as Our Story Part 1. These are all more fantasy-oriented fanfics, geared towards all you Squaresoft and Star Wars fans out there. Have fun!

Oh, one final note: I updated the Introduction page to clear up a couple of things. Please read them if you've had any questions about notations after story titles.

 15 February 2003 - Micro Update #1 - update by Dalton @ 23:40 EST
- Chapter 3 of Sothis's Before the Storm in Crossover Fanfics.

 15 February 2003 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 0:43 EST
- Ahh...while most of you are probably out getting laid this Valentine's Day, I'm here updating the Archive...pity me.

OK...lots of new stuff tonight.

--> In Michael Wong Fics: Chapters Two and Three of Reign of Terror.

--> In Marina O'Leary Fics: A brand new, cleaned up and updated to Chapter 11 version of De Imperatoribus Galacticis.

--> In Chuck Sonnenburg Fics: I decided to give Chuck his own section due to his large number of stories. In his section today: Chapters 26 and 27 of the award-winning story Paradise Lost Act II; the final chapter of The Arr Chronicles; a new original story called Not A Dry Eye In The House.

--> In Crossover Fanfics: Chapter 6 of MKSheppard's award-winning gorefest Division; four new chapters of Stravo's record award-winning (15!) story StarCrossed and two chapters of a new story called The Twilight War; a surprise update from Andrew Thorpe in the form of Operation Rescue.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics: Two updates from SD.net's Verilon in the form of The False Queen (RTF) and The Invasion.

--> In Humor: Chapter 5 of Dexter's Empire 2 from Crayz9000 in WTF Fics; Chapter 13 of Spyder's looneytune Third Ground Kings Act II in WTF Fics; A new piece from someone who wishes to remain anonymous called Celebrity Jeopardy in ASVS Culture; and a link to an SD.net thread where Rob Wilson and I are having marital strife, again in ASVS Culture.

Coming soon: More of Sothis's Before the Storm and Kelly Antilles presents her wildy popular and thorougly adult award-winning piece Perversions of the Force.

Also, all the latest GSDA winners have been marked.

 9 February 2003 - GSD Fanfic Awards - update by Dalton @ 15:45 EST
- The ceremony's up and the winners have been announced...you can read the ceremony here or glance through the winners here.

 19 January 2003 - Fanfic Duel! - update by Dalton @ 18:18 EST
- Please be reminded that the voting period for the Chuck/Stravo Fanfic Duel ends on Wednesday night! Please vote! http://www.daltonator.net/fanfics/gsda2002vote2.html

 16 January 2003 - Fanfic Contest Update! - update by Dalton @ 0:45 EST
- Part Three of Chuck and Stravo's epic duel is in! You can view part three of Chuck's story here: Just One Man: Part Three in PDF format.

You can view part three of Stravo's story here: Concordance of the Heavens: Part Three in Text format, as always.

ALSO since this is part 3, it's time to vote for your favorite! Click the blue thing and go here to choose the winner. And I'll be counting these votes myself ;)

Happy reading.

 9 January 2003 - GSDA: Fanfic Contest - update by Dalton @ 20:53 EST
- Part Two of Chuck and Stravo's duel is in! You can view part two of Chuck's story here: Just One Man Part Two in PDF format (Part 1 is also in PDF format). (If you have problems loading the file please remember to check if Acrobat is asking you for permission to check for updates. You can do that by minimizing all your windows.)

Part two of Stravo's story (still .txt) is here: Concordance of the Heavens.

As soon as Part 3 is posted next week, another form will go up so you can select your favorite. The results are to be announced during the GSDA Awards Ceremony.

 8 January 2003 - GSDA: The Vote! - update by Dalton @ 23:44 EST
- The votes are ON! Please keep in mind that each vote will be confirmed personally by myself. No voting twice; I WILL know.

To vote, go here:

Vote, mofos!

Go on, vote! I dare ya...

 3 January 2003 - Just Remembered - update by Dalton @ 6:23 EST
- If anybody knows the location or author of the story called "The Duelist" in the GSDA "Best Duel" category (see link below) please email me as soon as possible.

 3 January 2003 - GSDA Nominees - update by Dalton @ 6:17 EST
- And the nominees are...

 2 January 2003 - Archive Update and GSDA Information - update by Dalton @ 4:51 EST
- First off, a note on GSDAs:

Here's the story: Stravo and Chuck have written part 1 of a story contest they're doing exclusively for the GSDA. Voting will begin 8 Wednesday at midnight (going into 9 Thursday) when they'll post part 2. The mid-vote results will be posted the next week along with part 3 - and then you guys are gonna vote on which story is better: Stravo's or Chuck's! The winner will be announced during the ceremony. You can read part one of Stravo's story here: Concordance of the Heavens. You can read Chuck's story here: Just One Man.

As for the rest of the Archive, here you go!

--> In Michael Wong Fanfics: Chapter 1 of a new story from Mike (surprise) called Reign of Terror.

--> In Crossover Fanfics: Allen McDonell has come back to revise chapters 5 and 6 of Artoo's Encounter; five new chapters of StarCrossed push Stravo's story over the one megabyte mark.

--> In Story Arc Fanfics: Chapter 25 of Paradise Lost from Chuck; chapter 6 of Ensign Jimmy's story Outbound Flight.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics A new story from WeeMadAndo called Deceiver; a new story from StarDestroyer.Net denizen Spanky the Dolphin called Painted Skies

--> In Humor: More fun from Chuck in the form of The Night Before Christmas in Songs; Another chapter of WeeMadAndo's seminal tale A Crossover Too Far and a story from me which I finally actually put up called Imperial Supermarket in WTF Fanfics; Strowbridge talks about his penis in ASVS Culture; Björn Paulsen does ASVS in Middle-Earth style in Spoofs; A whole load of new fun from Chuck in Chuck's Corner including a new chapter of The Arr Chronicles.

That's it for now...good night!