What's New - Before the New System

26 February 2001 - update by Phong Nguyen:

- The Long War is up to Chapter 5, available in Major Fanfics.

25 February 2001 - update by Rob Dalton: - Firstly, an announcement. Kazuaki's fanfic Star Destroyers Rampant has been put into the 'Crap' section along with Paul's fanfics. This is after a majority decision by the Fanfic Council. Believe me, the reasons aren't personal; analysis of the fic has determined it to be as biased and poorly-written as Paul's fanfic. I'm sorry if this offends Kaz, but the truth must be told. - The updates may be a bit muddled from now on; Rob Wilson, the Senior Editor, has been doing such a bang-up job that I'm kind of lost, so if you notice something which hasn't been updated, please feel free to let me know as soon as possible. - Colin Brian Witz has posted a pair of fanfics, one new and one updated. Lord of Ashe is updated to chapter 3 in Miscellaneous Fanfics, and a new piece Messenger is in Major Fanfics, also up to chapter 3. Also, another Movie Edit from him in Humor --> Humor Series, as well as Aliens vs Voyager in Humor. - Col.Falkenhorst's The Four Horsemen is up to Chapter 5 in Major Fanfics. - The Long War is up to Chapter 4 as well, also in Major Fanfics. Chapter 5 is coming soon. - The Merging, as promised, has been fixed and updated. I have no clue what chapter it's at, so go read it in Major Fanfics. - Rob Wilson's piece has been forced into Major Fanfics, partly by me and partly by Thelea. It's called Ragnesh 3. - The Life of LT.Hit-Man has been cleaned. Check it out in Misc. Fanfics --> LT.Hit-Man Fanfics. - A new piece in the above section, called Fear. - More TGOD! Kyle Knopf sent in a clean compilation of The Cleaners vs Chris O'Farrell. - Chuck's Corner has two new entries, Luke's Fantasy World and Luke's Family Life. - More Laundry Wars and FCNA lunacy from Mark Berger, Pablo Sanchez, Phong Nguyen & co. in Humor --> Humor Series. - Voyager's Final Mission has been recleaned in Humor --> Humor Series. - Mark Walton presents a list of Transporter Pranks in Humor. - An essay about Event Horizons by Chuck is now in Essays. - I think that should do it.
2/8/01: - Sorry for the delay. School and servers have been kicking me in the ass lately. Anyway, in case you haven't noticed, there are two more people on the Archive staff: Kyle Knopf is now another TGOD Compiler, and newcomer Rob Wilson has become Senior Editor. Both are volunteers, and I appreciate their help. - First off, an exciting development in the land of fiction. Commander Thelea has returned in force with a revision plus two new chapters of The Long Patrol in Marina O'Leary Fanfics. - Colin Brian Witz starts a new Star Wars/Fallout crossover fic called Lord of Ashe in Miscellaneous Fanfics. - Cray9000 continues Intergalactic Alliance with Chapter 10 in Major Fanfics. - Durandal's Wars/Buffy crossover continues with Chapter 2 in Miscellaneous Fanfics. That's in Rich Text Format (rtf). - Kazuaki Shimazaki continues with what many consider to be the Wars version of Janeway's Surprise, Star Destroyers Rampant, in Major Fanfics. - Another chapter of The Long War from Kyle. That's in Major Fanfics. - Doomriser's started yet another series of fanfic reviews. His first three are in Fanfic Reviews. - A whole new batch of Humor has arrived. There's a lot of it, so just go there. - A few more things have yet to go up in the archive. Another chapter of Col.Falkenhorst's The Four Horsemen is coming; apparently the archive is missing Chapter 3. My copy of The Merging is also corrupted, so that'll be updated later too. Once the server changes, there'll be another MP3 in the Multimedia archive, submitted by WeeMadAndo.
1/26/01: - Moved Thelea's Imperial Fleet Calculations and Chuck's How to Write Bad Fiction to the Essays section now that we have it.
1/23/01: - We on the move, kimosabe. Please bear with us as the server changes over. Eventually.
1/18/01: - Sorry about the delay. I've been rather lethargic lately. - Not all that much today. Let's start off with five more chapters of Intergalactic Alliance by Cray9000, bringing it up to Chapter 9 in Major Fanfics. Also, Chapter 14 and the final installment of Dexter's Empire in Humor --> Humor Series. - Col.Falkenhorst presents another chapter of his fanfic Tides of War in Major Fanfics. - A very, very short piece by Colin Brian Witz debuts in Major Fanfics, called Hunter's Moon. Also, some twisted humor from him called Lassie vs Tim. - LT.Hit-Man presents another pain-filled post-fic-review story in a new section, Misc Fanfics --> LT.Hit-Man, since LT.Hit-Man's fics usually can't be categorized in any meaningful way. - Another new section debuts tonight: Essays. Enjoy the first three. - I took out the Humor Author Index due to it's inherent uselessness. - Ensign Jimmy returns stronger than ever with a hilarious piece called Salad Trek, in Humor. - Chuck lays down his Laws in Humor --> Chuck's Corner. - Two more bits of humor I have to pull off Deja will be coming soon enough.
1/3/01: - As is the case with all things, they must come to an end. Life, love, time...and as we end another year, the year 2000, we also see the end of one of the greatest fanfic series of all time. That's right, folks. Chuck Sonnenburg wraps up his epic masterpiece Against All Odds, the concluding chapter to the Worlds Without End Saga. I want to say on behalf of all fanfic authors and fans out there, Chuck, that we truly appreciate what you have done for us, for inspiring us and aweing us with your talent. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say we look forward to more of your amazing writing. This marks a new beginning...the beginning of a new year, a new decade, hell, even a new millennium, and I hope it'll also see the beginning of a new age of fanfics. - Aron Kerkhof fills the gaping hole left by the end of Against All Odds with Chapter 5 of Past Imperfect in Major Fanfics. - Crayz9000 continues with A Prologue to War in Major Fanfics. - Durandal restarts his Buffy fic, True Slayer, in Misc Fanfics. - There's a whole load of new humor today, too much to list. - Some major restructuring today, most apparent in Major and Misc. Back