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 16 June 2006 - Major Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 3:42 EDT
- Big news today in terms of updates. Two huge items:

--> First, there's a new section up. Kuja has been a great friend and co-conspirator on this site for a while, pitching in to help with the GSDAs whenever I needed him, and he has contributed a great deal to this site. So it is with great pleasure that I now present him with his own page on the Archive. Aside from that, there is a new WH40K short fic, as well as an update to Zaia's Babysitting Adventure and a new WH40K story called The Chaos Dozen.

--> The other big news today...Chuck Sonnenburg has finally completed a saga seven years in the making. Chapter 250 of Unity has finally been completed (Dawn of Forever Chapter 50) and added to updated versions of all his previous stories on the new Unity page. The entire saga has been tweaked from start to finish, and I must say it has been quite a ride and an honor to have such an illustrious, deep and well-written story on this Archive.

 31 March 2006 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 1:17 EST
- It's been a few months, but we have a lot of new stuff in.

--> In Chuck Sonnenburg Fanfics: Believe it or not, there are forty new chapters of Worlds Without End Redux. There are also several more chapters of Dawn of Forever, which as of this writing is still ten chapters towards completion. For the record, the entire Unity Saga, as it stands, has been in the making for well over six years and currently has a word count of approximately 444,000 words.

--> In Stravo Fanfics: Chapter 90 of Starcrossed.

--> In Crossover Fanfics: There are several new stories here, all of which you should check out: Subterfuge (.doc) is a new story from Bjorn-Patrick Mohl, a long-time email buddy of mine, who has been working on his story for a very long time. Also, the first four chapters of Twin Galaxies (.doc), a story written and translated from Dutch by Cornelis Zandbergen. Plus, Part 1 (.doc) and Part 2 (.doc) of The Rift, a story by Noble Ire from Stardestroyer.net.

That's it for now. There may be more soon; I am still waiting on the final version of De Imperatoribus Galacticis.

 8 December 2005 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 18:10 EST
- It's been several months since my last update, and for that I truly am sorry. Not only has there been a dearth of fanfic in my inbox, there has also been a dearth of free time in my life. Working full-time is not very fun. Anyway, here are the updates.

--> Marina O'Leary Fanfics: There are three new chapters of De Imperatoribus Galacticis. The rest of the story will be added once the entire story has been spellchecked and beta-read.

--> Chuck Sonnenburg Fanfics: The first twelve chapters of Act II of Dawn of Forever have been posted.

--> Stravo Fanfics: Two more chapters of StarCrossed, bringing the total up to 89.

--> Story Arc Fanfics: Chapter 21 of Intergalactic Alliance: A Prelude to War by Crayz9000.

--> Miscellaneous Fanfics: A bunch of new stuff today. Two new stories from Darth Fanboy: The first three chapters of Skywalker's Empire, plus the first twelve chapters of Revenge of the Sith: Alternate Ending. Also, four entries from Kuja: the remaining chapters of Halo: In the Face of Betrayal, plus three new one-off stories: Dungeons & Dragons: Tarnished Gold, Dungeons & Dragons: It's Life and DragonMech: Alley Rats.

--> WTF Fics: Another entry from Kuja: the first fifteen chapters of Zaia's Babysitting Adventure. Also, the weird, disgusting and wildly popular Unnamed Porno Fanfic.

That's all for now.

 18 July 2005 - Mini-Update #2 - update by Dalton @ 21:04 EDT
- Another addition, one I forgot to include in the last update.

--> Miscellaneous Fanfics: Star Trek: Valley Forge by Marc Rowley.

 17 July 2005 - Mini-Update #1 - update by Dalton @ 15:35 EDT
- Just one update, and not the one I was expecting...

--> Miscellaneous Fanfics: The Battle of the Hymn (RTF), an SDN-based fic by Knife.

 16 July 2005 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 23:54 EDT
- Three months already? Apologies. Here's what's new.

--> Chuck Sonnenburg Fics: Dawn of Forever Act I.

--> Stravo Fics: Starcrossed chapters 85-87; Twilight War chapter 24; Animatrix: Cain and Abel chapter 25; Shadows in Light, a new fic.

--> Crossover Fanfics: Before the Storm chapters 4-5, by Sothis.

--> Miscellaneous Fanfics: HALO: In the Face of Betrayal chapter 17; Crimson Death, a new story based on Final Fantasy IV; and Determination, a new short story, all by Kuja.

That's it for now. There will probably be another update soon.

 15 April 2005 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 18:53 EDT
- Another archive update today. It's been a bit slow since SDN authors don't send me their stories...

--> Stravo has three updates to Starcrossed and three more to The Twilight War.

--> Crayz9000 has three more chapters of IA: A Prologue to War.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics, there are three more chapters of Pablo Sanchez's Anabasis, plus three new stories from Kuja: HALO: A Song of Victory, the first eight chapters of HALO: In the Face of Betrayal and another one-off werewolf story called The Duel, The Dance.

--> Finally, another short fic from Kuja called WH40K: The Emperor's House in WTF?.

If you're wondering about the GSDAs for last year, they're still on life support but I'm making efforts to revive them. Stay tuned for more information.

 6 February 2005 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 19:42 EST
- As promised, here's the latest.

--> Chuck has finished Blood of Heroes, Part II of his second trilogy of fanfics. There you can find the rest of Act II and the entirety of Act III.

--> Three updates from Stravo, who has more chapters of Starcrossed, Twilight War and Animatrix: Cain and Abel.

--> Crayz9000 has another couple of chapters of IA: A Prelude to War out.

--> Also, a Dutch email correspondent has submitted a couple of items that I have decided to include. The first is another Thrawn/Q story called A Game of Risk, with the second being an essay called The Future of Technology and Space Exploration from a Christian Perspective.

That's all for now.

 6 February 2005 - 2004 GSDAs - update by Dalton @ 17:27 EST
- Well, it's been far too long, but here's the story on the 2004 GSDAs. The nomination period has begun; more information is available here. I will be updating the archive soon.

 3 December 2004 - Mini-Update #1 - update by Dalton @ 3:46 EST
- A little old, a little new.

--> Chapter 29 of Chuck's current work Blood of Heroes Act II.

--> Some new stuff in Misc.: The first five chapters of Pablo Sanchez's latest story Anabasis; Kuja completes his Final Fantasy IX story Namesake and adds two more WH40K shorts here and here.

In other news, GSDAs are coming up soon.

 28 November 2004 - Archive Updates - update by Dalton @ 5:49 EST
- *dusts off cobwebs* Well, I've cleaned up the place and oiled the hinges on that creaky door. Sorry for the three-month delay, but because of the election and a lot of other really big news I've been quite busy at work and haven't had a spare moment to update until now. Let the freshness flow in.

--> First off in Marina O'Leary Fanfics, De Imperatoribus Galacticis is up to chapter 17 and over a megabyte in size.

--> Chuck Sonnenburg's been very busy with around 25 new chapters of Blood of Heroes.

--> Stravo's been busy as well, with ten new chapters of Starcrossed, a few new chapters of The Twilight War and some more Cain and Abel.

--> MKSheppard has begun a rewrite of Imperial Phoenix.

--> Only one update in Crossovers: Eric Upp submits his completed story called The Merging.

--> One update in Story Arcs: Two new chapters of Crayz9000's IA: A Prologue to War.

That's it! Happy Holidays to everyone.

 23 August 2004 - Mini-Update #1 - update by Dalton @ 23:28 EDT
- A few fics I missed.

--> In Crossover Fanfics: The first 8 chapters of a new story from SDnetter Mike Nugent (aka Gandalf) called Jedi in the Dominion; Chapter 2 of Setesh's story Legacy of the Sith.

--> In Humor: Culture: A short piece from Tyralak called Robbie and the Beanstalk.

That's it.

 12 August 2004 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 18:37 EDT
- Here we go again...small update today, mostly miscellaneous stuff.

--> In Miscellaneous Fanfics - two new chapters of Enigma's revived and updated fanfic Star Trek: Fallen Angels; Three stories from Kuja called Death's Hands, set in the Mega Man X universe, WH40K: A Contest Between Might and Intelligence and Namesake, which is based on Final Fantasy IX.

--> In Humor - In WTF, a whole lot of new chapters of Kuja's How Stravo Got His Groove Back; Raycav's Random Fanfic #2; and in Culture we have perpetual n00b DanielSBen's story ASVS Wars: The New FUQ/The New WTF in RTF format.

Finally, I've updated the Links section.

 4 August 2004 - Next update...heheh - update by Dalton @ 17:28 EDT
- OK, so a day turned into a month...but to be honest, when I went to update the Archive, I realized...well, there was nothing to update. Mostly because the SDnet authors haven't been sending me anything. However, I've built up a small backlog of stuff and once I receive some missing pieces to one fic I'll update the Archive.

 2 July 2004 - The Next Update... - update by Dalton @ 13:33 EDT
- Will probably be tomorrow. Sorry, I've been very busy lately.

 13 May 2004 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 15:47 EDT
- OK, been a while...work is, as always, very draining. Here's the latest (rather small) update.

--> First off is an update from Chuck with two more chapters of Blood of Heroes.

--> Next up is a rather unusual new story from Big Steve in the form of Star Trek Timelines: Part 1 - The Widening Gyre, an alternate-universe story starring a lot of familiar faces.

--> And what would an archive update be without more of Stravo's addictive-to-many saga Starcrossed?

--> There's also a couple of updates in Miscellaneous, with a new chapter of Le Mort Homme from Pablo, as well as the revised and updated and pulled from the Bargain Bin fic Et in Arcadia Ego from Ryan Spickard, an old ASVS hooligan.

Finally tonight, for you Chuck fans out there, a long-in-coming humor update called The Science of Irony.

That's it for tonight. There might be more shortly.

 21 March 2004 - Archive Update - update by Dalton @ 17:02 EST
- I'm back! I apologize for the long hiatus between updates, but work is taking up a disproportionate amount of my time.

First off today in Archive news is the GSDA 2003 ceremony. There was a nice balance of awards this year, as opposed to the Lord of the Rings-like sweep that Starcrossed pulled last year.

--> In other fanfic news, Chuck Sonnenburg has finally finished the first part of his second Unity trilogy and started on the second. Paradise Lost chapter XL is up, as are chapters I-III of Blood of Heroes Act I. Also up are the first two chapters of Arr: The Final Frontier.

--> Surprise surprise, we have more from uber-prolific writer Stravo in the form of Starcrossed, Twilight War and The Animatrix: Cain and Abel.

--> In Crossover Fanfics today we have chapter two of GAT's Tread Lightly Where Angels Fear to Tread, Legacy of Darkness chapter 1 from Setesh and, finally, the first episode of MarkS's popular Manifest Destiny.

--> Today in Miscellaneous...chapters 1-2 of verilon's first sci-fi piece The Invasion, as well as a new original story called The Method to the Madness; we also have chapter 4 of Pablo Sanchez's latest project Le Mort Homme, and more Liberty City from Raycav.

--> And finally in Humor, another chapter of Crayz9000's masterpiece(?) Dexter's Empire 2 in WTF?

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