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13 November, 2007

Savage Wiener Channels Nazi Playwright

Filed under: News, Politics and Religion — Jason Peppers @ 10:59 am

Last week, Michael Savage -AKA the Savage Wiener- used his radio show to cough up another Nazi furball. One of his semen-crusted callers phoned in to whine about how a “liberal-type” woman berated him for listening to the Wiener. At which point the Savage Wiener showed his true colors by assuming she was a lesbian. Then, in the most obvious case of projection since Larry Craig licked his chops and called Bill Clinton a “naughty naughty boy”, the Savage Wiener accused this nameless woman of being like the Nazis who put people in ovens. Stephanie Miller and her crew had a good laugh at the two morons:

The Savage Wiener:

Whenever I hear people preaching to me about how compassionate they are, I reach for my Glock.

This is actually a modernized ripoff of a quote from Nazi playwright Hanns Johst’s Schlageter:

“Whenever I hear of culture… I release the safety-catch of my Browning!” (Act 1, Scene 1).

This isn’t the first time the Wiener has cribbed from the Nazis. He has repeatedly referred to Arabs and Muslims as Untermenschen.

Remember folks, Howard Stern was run off broadcast radio for saying “pussy”. No doubt to keep the airwaves nice and clean for the likes of Michael Savage.

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