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23 October, 2007

Why The Iraq War Will Go On Forever

Filed under: News, Politics and Religion — Jason Peppers @ 6:01 pm

I see the Democowards have seen fit to pressure Pete Stark into apologizing for telling the truth, but when it comes to lies from the Republitard-In-Chief, impeachment is “off the table”. He should have borrowed Dick Cheney’s response to Patrick Leahy.

Now we have Harry Reid overriding the “hold” Christopher Dodd placed on a bill that would give retroactive immunity for illegal wiretapping.

Unless there’s a baker’s dozen of GOPerverts and other felons waiting to be outed next year, I don’t think the Democowards will win. In fact, they’ll probably lose seats and possibly one or both houses of Congress. The average voter isn’t very bright, but they know craven uselessness when they see it -and it’s on well-lit display by this bunch of yellowbellies.

After watching Reid and Pelosi in action, I can’t help but wonder if electing Democrats in 2006 wasn’t a total waste of time. What exactly have they accomplished? What have the Democrats done since taking office that sets them apart from the Republitards? Bush gets every dollar for war he asks for, as well as every freedom he demands. His thugs get approved by the Senate. The Dems have now said categorically that there will be no impeachment procedings (in effect, they endorse all the crimes committed by the Bush administration). EVEN THE REPUBLITARDS WOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT! How many times have Dems introduced bills repealing the legalization of torture? See what I mean?

The Democrats in Congress are worse than cowards who won’t stand up to right-wing thugs. They are worse than enablers. In fact, when Republitards try to carry out a political lynching. the Democowards eagerly join in. They are Bush’s willing executioners and I say to hell with them.

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