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21 October, 2007

Truth Hurts, Doesn’t It?

Filed under: News, Politics and Religion — Jason Peppers @ 10:07 pm

Watching Republitards squeal like so many stuck pigs when Rep. Pete Stark spoke their true names aloud was so much fun, it almost made up for the fact that the attempt to override the Crawford Caligula’s veto failed. The GOPerverts were in full hair-pulling frenzy because Stark was right: American troops are dying in Iraq because Dubya and his supporters are sadists who get off on killing people -preferably from a distance of several thousand miles. Can anyone come up with another reason that is as plausible as Stark’s?

Has anyone forgotten the way the Crawford Caligula yukked it up over the freak show execution of Karla Tucker? Have people forgotten the way Dubya and his fanwhores behaved like baboons who have had their bananas taken away when told they can’t execute juveniles, mental patients or retards, let alone abduct and torture people?

Of course they haven’t forgotten. They know Bush and most of the cretins who support him are in fact sadistic psychopaths, but like the Emperor’s courtiers, they resent anyone who points out that His Imperial Majesty has no clothes. Or that he popped many a boner watching the blade of the guillotine fall on its hapless victims. Like the phony Major in The Ox Bow Incident who lynched men he knew to innocent, Numbnuts and his supporters know that innocent people are being tortured and killed, and they prefer it that way. Innocent people tend to beg for mercy, cry in pain, soil themselves in fear -all great entertainment for the sadist. If due process and the rule of law were applied, it would mean less of a chance for innocent people to be tormented. THAT is why Republitards oppose due process.

I see that Nancy Pelosi, in her tireless efforts to be the most useless politician this side of… well, Harry Reid has “rebuked” Stark. I guess Stark had better watch himself. Double Secret Probation could be next. If I were Pete Stark I’d tell the Speaker to lead, follow or get out of the way. Failing that, she can piss off.

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