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15 October, 2007

If only Nobel had a prize for sour grapes!

Filed under: News, Politics and Religion — Jason Peppers @ 9:51 am

I see the Republitards are trying to play down the Nobel Prize Al Gore won last week. To hear them tell it, Nobel prizes mean nothing, other Prize winners are bad people, and so on.

I find it funny because two years ago, when fundamentalist corpse molesters lurked around Terry Schiavo’s death bed like so many flea-bitten jackals, Haditha Hannity, Joe Scarborough and other Republitards insisted the poor woman (whose brain had turned to liquid) could be revived if only everyone who believes in fairies would stand up -or some such nonsense. This according to one “Dr” Hammesfahr, a Florida quack promoted by Haditha Hannity and other cable news corpsefuckers as a nominee for -you guessed it!- the Nobel Prize. As it turns out, the “doctor” wasn’t nominated for any prize that didn’t come in a Crackerjack box.

The moral to the story, boys and girls, is that Nobel Prizes mean so little to right-wingers, that they’ll lie like cheap rugs to make you believe that other right-wingers are in line to get one.

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