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14 October, 2007

Could the Armenian Genocide bill end the Iraq War? Let’s hope so!

Filed under: News, Politics and Religion — Jason Peppers @ 8:19 pm

I see the Turkish military has its panties in a wad because Congress is finally going to call a spade a spade and denounce the Armenian Genocide as an act of -you guessed it!- genocide. Sure it’s 90 years overdue, but maybe something positive will come from the delay.

The Turkish government is hinting that because of the resolution, it will not allow U.S. troops and equipment to move into Iraq by way of Turkish military bases -effectively cutting off the Iraq War, since a large amount of materiel used in Iraq comes through Turkish airspace and territory. If only Ankara would follow through, Congress will have finally done SOMETHING to stop the war in Iraq.

Maybe I can do my part to piss off the Turks:

Hey Turks, IN YOUR FEZ!

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