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12 August, 2007

Sean Hannity’s Concert Scam

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Sean Insanity has been travelling the country on his so-called “freedom concert” tour (were they once called French concerts?). These shows are promoted as benefit concerts to raise money to send the children of servicemen who died in Iraq to college. As it turns out, they are nothing but a scam to fleece the cud-chewers who still think the war is a wonderful thing.

A writer at DailyKos, calling himself “Dave From Queens” did a little snooping and guess what he found?

KFMB Radio wrote:
2050 Entertainment Circle, Chula Vista, CA 91911
WHEN:Thursday - July 26, 2007 7:30 PM (Doors open at 5:30 PM)
TICKETS: Prices: $38.00 - $78.00 PURCHASE TICKETS
The following fees are included in the above ticket prices: $4.75 facility fee, $4.25 parking fee, and a $4.00 donation to the Freedom Alliance.

Only $4 per ticket is going to pay tuition -oh wait- in point of fact, four bucks is going to The Freedom Alliance (was this once the French Alliance)! What exactly is The Freedom Alliance? A scam run by convicted Iran-Contra con artist, Oliver North. Out of the money North rakes in from these shows, how much pays for tuition?
According to this PDF , very, very little:


Going by the group’s 2005 IRS Form 990, out of over $9 million they received in direct public support, plus a million more in other income (including $370,000 in interest, etc) they spent $295,285 in “grant allocations”. They spent $461,051 on “conferences, meetings and conventions”, and 787,408 on “consultants”. The president raked in $142,300 and CFO $65,969. The group’s big expenditures were in printing, shipping and postage, to the tune of over three million dollars. In other words, they spent at least 10 times as much on shipping and printing as they did on grants to individuals.

This, by the way, only covers the part Freedom Alliance gets -and the crumbs that actually went to students. Assuming a concert goer only bought the cheap seats ($38 a pop), out of which $9 went to the venue for parking, etc and $4 went to Oliver North’s latest scam, that still leaves $25 per cheap ticket that goes…

…where, exactly? To the D-list performers who couldn’t sell out a Denny’s in Branson, let alone a concert hall? To North? To Hannity? To Disney? To the local radio stations? This stinks to high heaven, but it’s not surprising for a couple of ghoulish fucktards like Scammity and North.

On one hand, I realize that sheep are made to be fleeced, but using the bodies of dead and wounded servicemembers as a sales gimmick to peddle tickets to a concert (in the guise of paying college tuition for their kids) is about the most repulsive thing I can think of. Not just for vultures like Scammity and North, but the politicians who attend these freak shows and the has-beens and never-wases who perform.

These concerts are billed as as benefit shows for the children of dead soldiers and Marines, yet the ones who really benefit are right-wing graverobbers who use the corpses of servicemen and women to pass the collection plate for themselves and their pet causes. These people are scum.

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